US Military Court Rules Bump Stock Is Not A Machine Gun

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There’s been big news for gun rights these past few days, with headlines focusing on President Biden officially pulling David Chipman’s nomination to serve as ATF director.

With Chipman’s nomination removed, gun owners might have missed this story, absent from mainstream media, about military courts ruling bump stocks are not machine guns.

On Sept. 9, the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that bump stocks are not machine guns in the case U.S. v. Ali Alkazahg. This is a big win for gun owners and reaffirms the fact that items that are not machine guns by legal definition cannot be classified as machine guns simply because the ATF “feels” like they meet the definition.

Let’s take a peek at the case. Private Ali Akazahg was in Hawaii on the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Bay. While there, he was convicted of possessing two machine guns in violation of the UCMJ or Uniform Code of Military Justice. Although, these “Machine Guns” were, in fact, bump stocks. Akazahg’s defense argued that bump stocks did not meet the legal definition of a machine gun.

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4 thoughts on “US Military Court Rules Bump Stock Is Not A Machine Gun

  1. F*ck you i will bury you!!! you can not take away our rights to supress you and anihalate you the enemy to all who are trying to survive!!! YOU STUCK YOUR NECK OUT… Time to lop it offfff

  2. The local pigs don’t care about what the military call things
    These local slack jawed prosecutors and judges need their pockets lined so they can keep molesting our kids without being found out
    Silence costs a lot of fcken money folks

    And your local thieves will still rule however they please until we make it more uncomfortable to do otherwise

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