US Postal Service worker tests positive for coronavirus

Washington Examiner – by Zachary Halaschak

An employee with the U.S. Postal Service has tested positive for coronavirus in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

The female employee, who works at a package-sorting facility, is recovering while the sorting facility is closed for cleaning, but her condition is not known. The infection comes in the same state that saw the first U.S. death from the virus, known as the COVID-19 virus, on Saturday.

The USPS said that the employee would not have directly handled packages or mail in her role, but she may have come been in contact with other employees who do. However, USPS also indicated that the King County Health Department said the chances of exposure to other employees was low.

“No mail is delivered from the facility,” USPS said in a statement. “It is sorted and transported to individual post offices, from which the parcels are delivered to customers.”

Officials in King County announced two more cases of the illness on Sunday. Both of the new patients are men in their 60s, with one in critical condition and the other in critical but stable condition. The Saturday death was a male in his 50s, according to officials.

Rhode Island confirmed its first case of the coronavirus on Sunday. The patient is reportedly a male in his 40s, who recently returned from Italy, where there has been a large outbreak. The White House issued travel warnings to avoid parts of Italy and South Korea on Saturday.

As fears of a global pandemic grow, the United States saw its biggest stock market decline in years, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting last week.

There have been more than 87,400 cases of the coronavirus worldwide and almost 3,000 deaths, most of which are in China, where the virus originated.

17 thoughts on “US Postal Service worker tests positive for coronavirus

  1. I’d better get my 34 dollas out of the bank before the virus hits one of the tellers and they declare a bank holiday…. L 🙂 L

  2. “The USPS said that the employee would not have directly handled packages or mail in her role, but she may have come been in contact with other employees who do.”

    That’s funny, seeing as how they said weeks ago that the virus can’t travel by merely touching a parcel or even an object, as it immediately dies on contact. It only travels through airborne. So this whole story is BULLSHIT!

      1. But then again, they were burning money in China to prevent the spread of the virus. If that is so, then the virus CAN be spread by objects but just not for long.

        Ugh! I don’t know what to believe. There’s more contradictions with this virus than a false flag shooting event.

  3. Is this the same test that states that people have it when they really don’t and that people who don’t have it, really do? Talk about an arbitrary virus.

    I’m beginning to think my wife’s aunt in Wuhan who has had tested positive for the Coronavirus and has had it for weeks now and is still alive, merely has the flu and this is all fearmongering Ebola-like bullshit again.

    1. LOL… I don’t know what to believe about this. My husband is a postal carrier, I was just talking about this to him yesterday. On top of that he is flying to Ohio to visit his mother tomorrow.

      1. The economy is circling the proverbial drain. What better to blame the crash on than the current boogeyman, coronavirus? What better way to help the crash along than the current boogeyman, coronavirus?
        I decided quite a while back with other false flags: If I wasn’t there it didn’t happen 🙂

        “Keep your vision all-inclusive, never allowing it to lock on any one thing…look everywhere at once, see nothing to the exclusion of all else—don’t allow the enemy to direct your vision, or you will see what he wishes you to see. He will then come at you as you become bewildered, looking for his attack, and you will lose.
Instead, your vision must open to all there is, never settling, even when cutting. Know your enemy’s moves by instinct, not waiting to see them. To dance with death meant to know the enemy’s sword and its speed without waiting to see it. Dancing with death meant being one with the enemy, without looking fixedly, so that you could kill him. Dancing with death meant being committed to killing, committed with your heart and soul.”
        ― Terry Goodkind, Temple of the Winds

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