US Psychiatrists Join with US Insurgency

Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, the fact is there are no two people exactly alike.  We are individuals, absolutely.  Following the Aurora, Colorado shooting, the psychiatric community has descended in the mainstream with 101 pushes to elevate their status among, and power over, we the people.  Considering that no two people are exactly alike, it is the most arrogant assumption in that any one person, or even group of persons, can define reality and thus set a standard for mental competency.

The psychiatrists represent the ultimate parasites upon human existence, as they produce absolutely zero products, yet wish to be empowered and compensated to the extreme.  And to accomplish this goal they will attach themselves to the soviet socialist insurgency, as they have in every instance in the past where the opportunity has presented itself.

Psychiatry and the charlatans that push it are more dangerous than any weapon ever contrived through the minds and hands of man.  We perceive reality through a constant evaluation of the stimuli we receive through sight, touch, sound, and the emotions derived from all.

The power the psychiatrists would like to exercise over us, they seek to establish through a perception of the reality created by the insurgent propagandists and published through the mainstream, which any free thinking person knows is about as far away from the truth of the natural condition we find ourselves in as it is possible to get.

Psychiatry was used in the old Soviet Union to eliminate political dissent, using the contention that anyone who disagreed with the government sponsored reality of worship of, and complete acquiescence to, the communist ideals and the communist government was mentally deficient and a danger to him or herself, the government, and the people, which is not exactly a lie as the ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice have to be considered a threat to totalitarianism.

The psychiatric community in the United States is at present seeking to establish the same here in that if you fear our totalitarian insurgent government and feel you need to arm yourself in order to protect yourself from it, you must be considered mentally unstable and thus a threat to the institution and those that adhere to it that you are arming against.  These psychiatrists are vain and superficial and are totally without value to anyone but those who wish to control their fellow citizens.

So are there actually “crazy” people?  Well I guess it would have to be said that “crazy” is relative to projected reality, which is interpreted by individuals, none of which are alike.  It is impossible to determine a norm.

That is why our Constitution and Bill of Rights must be upheld absolute as it is the only form of government that promotes personal freedom and liberty while at the same time allowing a process for redress of grievance in the event that one person’s conception of right finds itself in conflict of another’s.  It is the best system available to those who would be free and there is no place in it for any arrogant parasite that would presume to dictate correct thought.

14 thoughts on “US Psychiatrists Join with US Insurgency

  1. “The psychiatrists represent the ultimate parasites upon human existence, as they produce absolutely zero products, yet wish to be empowered and compensated to the extreme.”

    Sounds just like congresscritters and other polytricksters – and banksters. Seems like there are lots of “parasites” out there, each vying for the title of most deadly parasite.

  2. I HATE Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Everyone these days thinks they are psychologists and make up symptoms in order to fit in their one-size fits all psychosis. Anyone will tell you that anyone who gets a degree in psychology is already messed up in the head themselves. I know from my ex-girlfriend who has a MA in psychology. She also has Borderline Personality Disorder. And she wants to diagnosis others and be the one to give medicine to them according to their one-size fits all psychosis. These people are insane themselves and we have to follow their diagnosis? I can’t tell you the number of times I get told that you should take “anger management classes” for getting upset over something I didn’t agree with or that “I think you have alot of stress lately in your life and you should see a psychiatrist or talk to someone” if I don’t play along to get along or that “You must take our online assessment before we can call you in for a job interview” (AKA psychological evaluations). WTF!! I don’t F**KING care what you think! Stay out of my life and let me live my own. I wouldn’t be so F**-ed up and stressed out if our government would do its job and protect the people and if the corporations and the Department of Education with their regulations as well as the corrupt bankers were eliminated so all of us can get a proper education and a job in order to and have life, liberty and happiness like the old days. Also, if they didn’t dumb down our education by making psychologists our new parents and counselors, instead of our parents being our parents and counselors (Read: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt), then we wouldn’t be so F**-ed up after we have grown up. So now instead of a nation of adults, we have a nation of children who go around giving psychological examinations to everyone, everywhere you go. And if you don’t submit to their pyschological evaluation and follow their rules, you are crazy and a terrorist. F**K THEM!!!

    1. And I know from first hand ex. from what you say with anger management. I had world class dr.s work on me back in the 60`s a step down from mk ultra i guess, yea no shit! I did have LSD therepy – very very high doses – under the table preformed by some world class psych.s complete with all their work-ups, ekg`s, eeg`s, psyco therapy, and it didn`t work. I did learn a lot though by experience though! By the way I can talk about it now because the Dr.s are long time dead now though. Yea Dr. Tinothy Leary the snitch for the govt.was one. The good Dr. tobin was another just to name a few to start, yea no shit – and that is why I study altered states of conciousness – one of the only things I`m good at – they taught me ya see.!!! now I`m getting kinda old and a lot of people – who knew of what they did to me with the therapy – think I died a long time ago – haha – no shit. I guess what I`m saying is if you go in fron of a judge and and they order a psych. evaluation it is usualy up to the Dr. that decides your sentencing – like it or not that is the way it is. It is all deciding on the dr.s evaluation as far as the judge is concerned. Crazy isn`t it – our justice system is. you can buy off a judge, a cop, a D.A. , and a Dr. and get off with little or nothing if you got enough money and for that matter any drug straight from the dr. – that`s why partly why I don`t go to Dr.s any more If ya understand now- ha ha. Just ask any one who has been there. This is just a truthful and honest rant about the psyco psych. dr.s out there as far as I have experienced them. and that realy is the truth NC straight from the horses mouth!!!!

      1. Digs, I can only imagine that you must have went through hell and back. Psychologists and psychiatrists are pure mind manipulators who get off on making others suffer psychologically because they themselves are suffering psychologically. Like a bully bringing you down to their level. It’s disgusting.

        1. Aw geez NC – ya get used to it and I went into my own expanded little world. Oh yea I was one of them Synanon residents as they like to have called them back in the day when the Fu%ker Chuck Dederich got busted putting rattle snakes into peoples mail box`s. That Chuch D. was the founder of the rehab there. I`m sure #1 NWO Hater can remember hearing about that place back in the 70`s Yea that was the good ole days when ya found out where the bear shit in the woods when it came to the synanon foundation. talk about brain washing lying S.O.B.`s Never quite got over it to this day and I don`t ever want to – just so they can never open that door again. It`s my door and I`ll open it when nesessary and that is why I kind of like you guy`s – ya see I think ya`ll can see , if ya know what I mean and I am sure you do know what I`m talkin` about as do others on this patriotic site. There“s power of the People here and I can feel it I think NC. Keep smiling eh. I`m sure #1 knows also I`m sure. jjust my observation, ya know. Just for shits and giggles – that Synanon place was in S. Ca. which is why I thoughtt #1 might remember hearing about it.

  3. One in four of our school kids are on some type of psychotropic drug these days. I could write an entire article on this topic alone, but unfortunately I loaned someone my best dvd on this subject, and never got it back. Plus, I can’t remember who I loaned it to.

    1. It is too bad about the dvd you loaned out and did not get back. As you can see by my comment to NC above why I have some socially unaceptable attitudes. Terence Mc Kenna has a lot of good studies on psycotropic drugs to be sure. he`s dead now but he`s worth the study if interested. There is a whole lot that I got on the subject . Them psych. dr.s do kinda suck though in my own opinion though. The good Dr. Albert Hoffman is another good study. I just better shut up now to be sure. Trolls ya know – they are not funny to me either.

  4. Bravo to this post and all comments so far. Psychiatric and psychological definitions are based on opinion. Even if written into authoritative text books it’s still the same. And they, like horoscopes, are so generalized they fit anyone. Psychs are modern day witch doctors demanding an elevated position in the village. They can sacrifice who ever and blame it on the patient’s demons. Free thinking people are their greatest enemies.

    1. Nah. You wouldn’t know her. She’s from Buffalo, NY. Last time I checked, anyways. But I’m sure she’s not the only one. lol

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