US restaurant under fire over ‘racist’ staff t-shirts

France 24

‘How to catch an illegal immigrant’: the politically-loaded slogan restaurant owners in South Carolina chose to print on staff t-shirts. The slogan is accompanied by a drawing of two tacos under a box, depicting a mouse trap.

Accused of racism, the owners of Taco Cid have hit back saying the t-shirts are a humorous and reasonable political statement not designed to single out a particular ethnic group. They say the t-shirts target all illegal immigrants, who they accuse of draining the US welfare system.  

Critics say the t-shirts are an insensitive and crude way of drumming up business by getting free publicity. If exposure was indeed the owners’ intention, they appear to have succeeded. Pictures of the t-shirts are doing the rounds on social media and American news sites, while the owners’ claim they are receiving calls from people across the country eager to buy the $35 t-shirt.

10 thoughts on “US restaurant under fire over ‘racist’ staff t-shirts

  1. I hate orange, reminds me of jail rags! If this shirt was available in black I would definitely buy one!

  2. I want one of those shirts I saw the big guy wearing in “Happy Gilmore”. The shirt stated ” Guns Don’t Kill People, I kill people”!

  3. The jokes on you, undocumented migrants aren’t lured by tacos, try food stamps and jobs. Mexican restaurants in the USA are notoriously bad. Of coursed the little joke is intended for Mexicans but food stamps will lure anglos too.

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