US SENATORS Involved in MILAB Child Trafficking, list of how many they raped & killed.

My Fellow Trenchers:
Here is the article they did NOT want me to read out over the airwaves! To the point that they cut off my broadcast connection,… and then I could NOT reconnect thru the computer no matter what I tried, so I had to call back on a cell phone to finish.
This aligns EXACTLY with what the attorney Lin Wood stated in articles I covered about how all the high ranking leaders are controlled via rape and murder of children.

This was originally done by Tori Smith, who actually met some of these scumbags, and when she went public with this, they MURDERED her for it!
It these people are willing to rape and murder children like she describes, imagine what they are willing to do to you and your family in the name of their allegiance to their Satanistic/Zionist cabal!
You may need to vomit after understanding what this really means. – JD

Tory Smith world best DNA reader murdered 2016 did a lot of work on the kidnappings of children, this side (physical side) and on the otherside (spiritual plane). Mike Pence and Gregg Zoeller were mentioned quite extensively. Mike Pence mentioned at the end. This is the senate….

Clairvoyants eh? here’s one for you, it’s from one of the best DNA readers in the world, ‘they” killed him back in 2016, Tory Smith…
Published on Jan 13, 2016 – The Temporals of the Senate have attempted to kill me today after I posted a list of 44 of them that raped and murdered at the Langley VA MILAB so I decided to share a list of all Senators that are involved in MILAB Child Trafficking – Tori Smith

US Senate List of Child Traffickers – Tori Smith

Hello everyone, I thought would produce just a quick video because some recent events just happened this morning. The Senate is really pissed off at me, because in the video I just added all the details. It was a video of 836 children murdered in 11 locations and I mentioned the names of 44 Senators who participated in that, and I listed how many children they raped and then how many children did they murdered. I was going through the list of senators I just pulled up all of them. I was going through and reading their dna to see how many children…. you know many were not there, and before I was introduced to this Senate I’m pretty sure there were only two women, and I think it was Elizabeth Warren and another one, maybe was Diane Feinstein I think, but that was a couple of years ago, maybe even back as far as 2012. And you know I dont really monitor things like that because I’ve been so busy doing other things. And so what I did was… I wanted to go through, just quickly go through to give people an idea of what’s going on in the Senate, and I… which with the tablet it takes a really long time to download so I’ll just go through this really quickly….

JOHN CORNYN has raped 43 children and killed 1
TED CRUZ has raped 328 children and murdered 26
ORRIN HATCH 427 he’s raped in this lifetime, he’s also a NAZI WAR CRIMINAL in the other one. He’s killed 51 children in this lifetime.
MIKE LEE has raped 18 and killed 1
TIM KAINE has raped 26 children and killed 2
MIKE WARNER (he’s over from the east coast) he’s raped 57 children and killed 3
PATRICK J LEAHY (who I just met today) he’s raped 176 children and killed 14 of them. And he was really pissed off saying “Who the hell are you?” **chuckle** haha Whatever dude!
BERNIE SANDERS has raped 218 children and killed 18. He’s also a NAZI WAR CRIMINAL from the past.
RON JOHNSON- has raped 66 children and killed 3
SHELLY MOORE CAPITO has killed 3 children
JOE MANCHIN 3RD he’s raped 117 children and killed 17
JOHN BARRASSO has raped 157 children and killed 10
MICHAEL B ENZI has raped 12 children and killed 1 of them
DANIEL SULLIVAN raped 107 children, killed 3
JEFF SESSIONS raped 76 children and killed 7
RICHARD SHELBY raped 112 children killed 13
JOHN BOOZMAN has raped 86 children and killed 3
TOM COTTON has raped 12 children and killed 2 because he’s a new comer.
JEFF LAKE has raped 53 children and killed 2
JOHN McCAIN has been arrested YAAAY !!! I’m sure there’s a rally of clones out there…. I’m so glad to hear about the arrest. 😀
JOHN McCAIN had raped 136 children and killed 9 he was also a former NAZI WAR CRIMINAL who murdered a lot of people
MICHAEL BENNET he’s raped 81, children killed 4
CORY GARDNER has raped 51children, killed 2
MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL has raped 64 children, killed 3
CHRISTOPHER MURPHY has raped 61 children, killed 4
THOMAS R CARPER raped 17 children and killed 1, another new comer to the scene.
CHRISTOPHER A COONS raped 56 and killed 3
BILL NELSON has raped 42 and killed 3
MARK RUBIO has raped 156 children and murdered 17 of them during rape
JOHN ISAKSON has raped 76 children, killed 14
DAVID PERDUE has raped 17 and killed 1
BRIAN SCHATZ raped 76 children and killed 6
CHUCK GRASSLEY has raped 101 children and killed 14
MIKE CRAPO has raped 66 children and killed 7
JANES E RISCH has raped 74 children and killed 6 of them
RICHARD J DURBIN has raped 57 children, killed 2
MARK KIRK (Illinois)has raped 63 and murdered 7 of them
DAN COATS (Indiana) has raped 18 children and murdered 3
JOE DONNELLY has raped 16 children and killed 3
BEN E. SASSE has raped 26 children and killed 1
CORY A BOOKER has raped 67 children and killed 2
ROBERT MENENDEZ has raped 46, killed 1
MARTIN HEINDRICK was also a NAZI he has raped 73 children and murderd 4 of them
TOM UDALL has raped 26 children and killed 1
DEAN HELLER has raped 64 children, killed 3
HARRY REID another one that’s just so vile, he’s another NAZI WAR CRIMINAL he has raped 128 children in this lifetime and killed 7
CHUCK E SCHUMER a Senator from New York. He’s one of the 17 men on this planet who are parading aroung as jewish men when he’s actually a NAZI WAR CRIMINAL and in this lifetime he’s raped 176 children and murdered 14 of them. And I want to do a separate issue, or whatever, episode a youtube video about these men like, Benjamin Netenyahu and Charles E Schumer from New York are NAZI WAR CRIMINALS pretending to be Jews, it’s just absolutely disgusting.
SHARON BROWN raped 17 and killed 1
ROB PORTMAN has raped 77 and killed 3
JAMES M INHOFE has raped 16 and killed 1 (another newcomer) [wow! an old geezer ugh!] JAMES LANKFORD has raped 56 and killed 3
JEFF MERKLEY has raped 43 and killed 2
[6:51] JOHN ? has raped 43 and killed 1
ROBERT CASEY Jr has raped 76 children and killed 3
PATRICK J TOOMEY has raped 53 and killed 2
JACK REID has raped 84 children and killed 3
SHELDON WHITEHOUSE has raped 17 and killed 1 (another newcomer)
Another one I really hate, another NAZI WAR CRIMINAL:
LINDSEY GRAHAM (South Carolina) has raped 176 children and killed 15, and he was also… well one in Atlanta recently and another one over in the miLab in Virginia, Langley
TOM SCOTT (another newcomer) has raped 3 children killed 1
MIKE ROUNDS has raped 54 children and killed 7
JOHN THUNE has raped 128 children and killed 14
and here’s another NAZI WAR CRIMINAL:
LAMAR ALEXANDER he’s raped 64 children and killed 3
JOHN CORKER (another one) 156 children this man has raped and killed 17
JERRY MORAN has raped 66, killed 4
PAT ROBERTS has raped 69, killed 3
MITCH McCONNELL (Kentucky) beautiful city, but he has raped 156 children, murdered 17, and I love a lot of Kentucky.
another filthy lowlife from Kentucky is:
RAND PAUL he’s raped 21 children and killed 2
BILL CASSIDY has raped 46, killed 3
DAVID VITTER has raped 17 and killed 1
EDWARD J MARKEY has raped 66 children and killed 7
ELIZABETH WARREN has killed 7. Now the women don’t rape the children, but Elizabeth Warren has killed like, Hillary Clinton, driving a stake through their heart like Tom Cruise does in Illuminati Human Sacrifices
BENJAMIN L CARDIN has raped 86 children and killed 14
JONI ERNST she also is a NAZI WAR CRIMINAL and I’m pretty sure she’s a male. That’s like kinda something I’m still working on. She was a male NAZI WAR CRIMINAL but now she’s a female Senator, she’s killed 1 child
BARBARA BOXER (California) has killed 1 child
DIANE FEINSTEIN has murdered 17 children in human sacrifices
LISA MURKOWSKI has killed 3 in human sacrifices
[9:30] LISA M CO???? has killed 1 child in human sacrifices
ANGUST S KING Jr has raped 17, killed 1
GARY PETERS has raped 57, killed 6
DEBBIE STABENOW (this name just blew me away) has murdered 3 children by stabbing them through the heart, and how appropriate it is her name Debbie I’ll Stab You Now !
Another filthy lowlife criminal:
AL FRANKEN that has raped 16 children, killed 1
ROY BLUNT has raped 76 children, killed 13
THAD (why would anyone name a child thad) THAD COCHRAN has raped 61 children and killed 10
ROGER WICKER it’s a 156 children this criminal has raped and killed 17
STEVE DAINES has raped 16 and killed 1
JOHN TESTER has raped 56 and killed 3
[10:23] RICHARD B??? (name to be checked out again) has raped 76 children and killed 14
THOM TILLIS has raped 64 and killed 3
HEIDI HEITKAMP has killed 1 person
JOHN HOEVEN has raped 42 children and killed 3

and most of the people in the government of the United States are NAZI WAR CRIMINALS in their former lives. Almost everybody 90% of people who are NAZI SOLDIERS and NAZI WAR CRIMINALS, GENERALS, OFFICERS, whatnot they’re all here. Including the man acting as our governor MIKE PENCE who has just murdered his 19th child, and he is being supported and protected by the FBI, the Indiana state police, the Indianapolis municipal police dept, which is kind of hard to say, and seriel pedophile, Indiana attorney general Greg Zoeller, who has routinely participates in the killings at the Indianapolis miLabs.

And I wanted to get this video out because the Senate was just absolutely freaking out, and they’ve been sending in their temporals trying to kill me this morning, and so I just wanted to get this out real quick. So you can hopefully maybe see what I see or if you don’t want to see what I see I don’t blame you, but all we have to do is end this child trafficking program and I’m told that DARPA and the CIA are the next ones to be arrested, and thank you so much God Bless Your Heart.

18 thoughts on “US SENATORS Involved in MILAB Child Trafficking, list of how many they raped & killed.

  1. Interesting stuff and I would wager not far from reality.

    There is the issue of verification, what is it that validates anything he said let alone the allegations? and is he referring to Nazi’s as they are Nazi’s of today or were involved somehow in the Third Reich? Not getting that. I’ll watch again later, maybe I missed something.

    Knowing this Elitist Pedo Scum, I have no doubt this all could be true, however, there needs to be some source data for his claims.

    JD, whats the background on this guy?

      1. Hi Katie,

        Ok,.. WOW!,… sounds like he doesn’t visit the planet very often!,… WHOA,… he’s out there,.. BUT,…

        Victims of MK-Ultra conditioning (chemicals, light, noise, isolation, and torture techniques) often sound like this because of combined effects of these mind altering and destroying methods, they have a loose grasp of reality at best (the method is “dissociation”, which permanently scrambles their brains beyond repair.

        So is this guy just a complete psycho (full of crap), or a victim with scrambled eggs for brains now,… I have no idea.

        JD – Unfortunately, people who have survived horrible events such as he describes, will typically be incapable of ever dealing with reality on a rational basis again., and would sound something like this, so its hard to know if he’s delusional (making it up), or actually suffered extreme horrors and this is the best he can do to convey it.

      2. I came here for the truth and this is just as bad as mainstream media. lies all around! Claiming people
        who were born after WW2 as Nazi war criminals? Schumer is a POS. Plenty of evidence. Why lie about him being a nazi war criminal? He was born in 1950.

    1. Hi Norm,

      I did not know this guy’s name or story until today, although I do believe I had heard of him years ago, it was just another rabbit hole to go down that I by-past at that time to stay on track with the issues I was drilling down on.

      What really got my attention, is that just days ago I covered multiple articles on a well known attorneys story about how all the worlds high ranking leaders are controlled like this.

      eg: “Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts”


      What gives his story some credibility right off the bat is,… he was murdered shortly after coming out with these details. (Died July 20, 2016)

      Another aspect of credibility is, if any of his allegations were not true, they would have IMMEDIATELY had him in court for Defamation Of Character, Slander, Libel and a host of other grievances, but notice how not one of them did that!

      As to how he got this information, I have no idea, as I have not dug into his background yet, or figure out how do we gauge the trustworthyness of his accusations.

      I just found this incredible since it aligned perfectly with what Lin Wood stated just last week, but nowhere do you see Lin Wood or Tory Smith seaming to have any knowledge of each other.

      I’m hoping some of our regulars here will do a little digging on this because if it’s true, besides being wholly appalling, we would know for sure, that it cost Tory Smith his life because he went public with it.

      JD – Sometimes, Fact is far, far more disgusting and appalling than fiction could ever be.

      1. Thanks and I agree wholeheartedly with your reply. It made me think of that film with Mel Gibson, the conspiracy theory or something like that, where he was all scrambled. Yes I saw the Lin wood stuff, and again, someone like him needs to release what they have to the world….and he best have a dead man trigger.


        1. Also, Gibson went on record in an interview saying that Hollywood was full of satanic child murderers. Said blood was the most valuable commodity and called them literal vampires.

          Isaac Kappy, a young aspiring actor, went public years ago and named Tom Hanks as a big player in ritual child abuse. He was found dead soon after, but has recently started posting vids online. Seems he went onto hiding after staging his death. I dont know if all these names and numbers are correct, but the fact of a satanic deep state cabal preying on children seems are now impossible to ignore

    2. I agree Norm
      Wondering off on the Nazi tangent, and other ideas even more astray from the appalling issue mentioned.
      There is no doubt in my head that some, if not all of these ________ freaks committed such atrocities and need an end put to them NOW!, but mingling such ideas with the main point throws folks off in my thoughts.
      Similar to a farmer that I know who goes off into places most never heard of, and most of them don’t want to.

      PS. And thanks for sending the article in JD.


  2. Our brother spike was on to this shit , now spike is dead, spike lived in Indiana.


  3. I have some doubts about this article….. I have NO DOUBT that our senators are pedophiles and murderers, but I think this may have been released to discredit the information because of the incredulous source. Nazi war criminals in former lives? That’s enough of a stretch to make all of the info look bad, even if it’s true….. I’d wait for more credible proof before spreading this around.

    1. YOU: “I’d wait for more credible proof before spreading this around.”

      ME: Really?,… you just admitted in your FIRST statement,… “I have NO DOUBT that our senators are pedophiles and murderers”

      So tell me Jolly Roger,…. how many more f!@kin children do you need or want murdered before you think its a good idea to “spread it around”??….

      If I remember correctly you f!@k head, the last time we had an exchange, you were still “waiting for proof” that the US Gov’t did 9/11, specifically that a US Air Force Cruise Missile struck the Pentagon, and NOT a commercial passenger carrying aircraft, which I had to constantly correct you on.

      It’s been almost 20 years,…. get that figured out yet??

      Piss off, I don’t like you, I don’t like how you try to undermine and created doubt about some of the most horrific facts of what is really going on, and by your own comments what you really stated is that it’s best to keep letting children get murdered in the most horrific manner you can imagine because you don’t like the way this guy stated it, which I clearly explained above, REQUIRES more checking and due diligence, but also requires the understanding that anyone who was subject to some of these kinds of depraved acts are psychologically ruined for life by the “Fractionalization” and “Dis-sociation” that destroys their ability to interact with reality. (MK-Ultra style mind control, or in reality, mind destruction techniques the CIA has admitted it developed long ago.)

      F@#k you and stay off my posts – JD

  4. First of all, thank you JD for getting this out there. I was listening to the broadcast while working today, driving my truck down the road. When you reported this, I literally felt sick and dizzy and contemplated pulling over on the shoulder. They clearly didn’t want you getting this out there. As a father of two young girls (7 and 8) this stuff makes my blood boil, but it needs to be exposed.

  5. The list is too dangerously accusatory to not require verification. That’s only responsible. I must admit, I couldn’t make it all the way through that video. The first scenario made me ill. I don’t want those images in my mind. I do believe that those horrors occur, and that these activities are designed to control people in positions of power. No one should stop being diligent in exposing this evil at every opportunity. It’s certainly a dangerous undertaking and I pray for all those brave enough to take it on. There’s safety in numbers. Form coalitions. God bless.

  6. He studied the dna of the govt monsters and cross referenced with the kids. The references to the past reincarnation? Or clones? Either one..look at some faces of hitlers regime of monsters..some very familiar faces. The nazi agenda didnt die. Its been alive and just as well opinion. This man risked his life to let this info out..and hecwas murdered. As a victim of the mkultra program..which is what i think he referenced..regardless he was victimized and raped n beaten mamy many times by higher up officials. His story is sounding true. I know 2 victims myself. 1 mkultra female and 1 born into demonic ritual sacrifice n raping cult..his mom was the high priestess. Whether you believe this hell exists or does..and millions of little kids are trying survive the pain right now. Buckle up…this crap is just the tip of the iceberg..its huge and it made me throw up.. These creatures aren’t even human anymore…imo

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