US targeted and killed Afghan aid worker and his family

Sep 12, 2021
The US has mistakenly targeted and killed an innocent aid worker and his family in a drone strike in Afghanistan, according to a New York Times investigation.

2 thoughts on “US targeted and killed Afghan aid worker and his family

  1. The horror continues. Blood sacrifices on the 20th anniversary. Also on the 20th anniversary comes Biden’s big reveal where he declassifies more of the 9/11 files, and assures us of Saudi complicity. Yay!! More of the same, year-after-year. MORE OF THE SAME.

    I guess the Israelis are still dancing.


  2. Nice goin assholes

    Than they wonder
    Why did this happen ? Looks like retaliation, ah you think so idiot?

    Here’s a news flash jakholes
    You Fck with my family yer fckin with me
    You kill one of mine
    I level your field , every fckin one of them , or die trying … when there’s nothing left to lose ….

    This is the shit hole we have been in for decades and these shit for brain idiots just can’t seem to get it

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