US Warships Sent To Waters Off Yemen, US Marines Put On Standby

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is reported by CNN to be considering a special deployment of US forces in the Middle East ready for action if a terrorist attack makes it necessary. US warships have been ordered to sail into waters opposite Yemen, which is reported to be the source of the terrorist threat which has closed 19 US embassies and consulates in the Muslim world since Sunday. Marine units in southern Italy and Spain were also told to stand ready for intervention.  Source  

Ok this is really getting odd now.  If nothing happens, they will have wasted so much money.  If something happens, then what the hell?   This is what they did after 9/11.  Coincidently enough, the yemen president just visited the white house.  What that has to do with this and the embassy closure and all that I’m not sure but the timing is weird and remember too, the Pakistani capital is more or less on lockdown as well.  All we can do is wait and see what they have in store for us if anything or ifthis is just to diflect from the government spying on us.  -Mort

2 thoughts on “US Warships Sent To Waters Off Yemen, US Marines Put On Standby

  1. It just got worse.

    Now they’ve issued a warning for all Americans to leave Yemen.

    Something bad’s going to happen.

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