USA 9 Reporter Mocks Adam Kokesh – Implies Charges Coming Over Latest Stunt


US Park Police know about the video, says a spokesman, and they responded to Freedom Plaza to investigate. Park Police officers did not find Kokesh, or any protest going on, there.

The spokesperson said Park Police are investigating, but at this point cannot determine how the video was recorded, and if and when Kokesh may have been at Freedom Plaza with a gun.

9 thoughts on “USA 9 Reporter Mocks Adam Kokesh – Implies Charges Coming Over Latest Stunt

  1. I had no clue that the Revolution was to start yesterday. Look people, we need better communication, we are in the 21st Century, or did I miss that to? Let me know next time guy, I have been gearing up for the Revolution, and would have stood with you. I have been listening to the Beatles White Album, along with, Helter Skelter, and Revolution to pychic myself out for when the shooting starts.

  2. lets all get felony possessions of a fire arm so we are not able to buy or possess in the future. Dill weed. I got an idea. go huff glue on your radio show. so I dont have to hear it. What a troll.

  3. My comment focuses more on the news clip and MSM tactics, not adam.
    Adam shut down his proposal to march in D.C….something the MSM did not mention, instead they say “he called for a protest/revolution and nobody shows up”.
    B.S. Then, probably after interviewing a dozen people on the streets they pick the one that suits them..
    This is why I dont watch t.v. nothing but dis-info and lies.
    I swear, if I were to save 50 school children from being shot, by taking down the bad guy, the news media would say “police were on there way, he did not need to kill the guy, the police would handled it without incident, and, with a direct kill shot, it showed he had enough skill to shoot the guy in the leg, but instead chose a kill shot, endangering the lives of the children, showing that anyone but trained police should not be armed”.. and you know what? the sheeple would probably agree…

  4. COme on guys Its seems pretty obvious this prik is standing in front of a GREEN SCREEN or is he just out of focus to my eyes.

    1. Ambient occlusion is how color from one object affects other objects close to it. In this case the coloring of Adam in this video is very representative of the surrounding area. Faking this lighting is very hard to do using green screens. As a CG animator I believe this video to be authentic.

      1. Are you the guy who made the video?
        If not, then all you are doing is speculating via your own conjecture.

  5. Kokesh is a hero. He was able to avoid a battle, agent provocateurs and the police who threatened to arrest him as soon as he stepped foot into DC. He did it right under their noses anyways. His strategy of changing the march to the capitals worked flawlessly. I am proud of Adam and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

    1. 4 ,Are you a fan of alex fatassed jones tooo,kokesh is a fkn j-w and a fkn j-w plant,read the following and WASH YOUR IGNORANCE AWAY,then hit that doobie for us in need.

    2. Kokesh is a whore, plain and simple. He openly smokes a “doobie” to get arrested the cancels his idiotic armed march to Washington. This guy is not what he appears to be and will eventually be exposed as the farce he really is.

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