VA Democrat Introduces Bill Terminating Any Officer Who Refuses To Enforce Gun Control

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On December 5th, member of the Virginia House Lee J. Carter introduced a bill that would terminate the employment of any officer who refused to enforce gun control laws.

According to HOUSE BILL NO. 67:

B. Any public safety employee of the Commonwealth, or of any county, city, town or other political subdivision thereof, or of any agency of any one of them, who, in concert with two or more other such employees, for the purpose of obstructing, impeding or suspending any activity or operation of his employing agency or any other governmental agency, strikes or willfully refuses to perform the duties of his employment shall, by such action, be deemed to have terminated his employment and shall thereafter be ineligible for employment in any position or capacity during the next twelve 12 months by the Commonwealth, or any county, city, town or other political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or by any department or agency of any of them.

In effect, any organized effort on the part of police officers to refuse and/or resist the enforcement of gun control and gun confiscation laws in Virginia would be likened to the willing and self-initiated resignation of those police officers.

Forcing officers to choose between their livelihood and what is moral and constitutional is a favorite tactic of would-be tyrants.

Furthermore, it seems that Representative Lee and other members of the Virginia House of Delegates have forgotten that the Gunpowder Incident, which was an attempt to disarm the citizens of Virginia by confiscating the gun powder used to fire their guns, was among the first of the violent incidents that sparked the American Revolutionary War against Great Britain.

The relation of the Revolutionary War to the current calls for gun control in Virginia is not lost on the public as many call those who would enforce unconstitutional red flag gun confiscation laws “Red Coats”, the name given to the British troops who, dressed in bright red coats, tried to subject the colonists to the tyrannical wishes of the British royalty.

Fortunately, Virginia Sheriffs already have a brilliant plan to deputize thousands of constituents should any bill threaten their constitutional right to own firearms and thereby impact their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Break the Matrix

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