VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s of NRA Members Show

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Virginia Democrats withdrew an AR-15 confiscation bill Monday after thousands of NRA members showed up to oppose new gun controls.

The NRA asked members to flood the January 13, 2020, Virginia Senate meetings and ensure pro-Second Amendment voices drowned out those calling for gun control. 

Video from hallways outside the meetings showed NRA members responded en masse:

The Washington Free Beacon reports the presence of thousands of NRA members “appeared to have an impact.” Democrats withdrew a bill aimed at AR-15 confiscation and moderated other gun control proposals.

But NRA-ILA Virginia state director Daniel Spiker made clear the changes, though good, were not enough.

He said, “While there were some improvements to some of these bills, overall, it’s still bad legislation. Putting in more regulations and making it more onerous on the law-abiding citizens of Virginia is not something we stand for.”

Richard Cosner, a Chester, Virginia, preacher, was present to oppose new gun controls.

He pointed out attempts to legislate gun control serve as a way to usurp the Constitution:  “The Constitution is specific; it ‘shall not be infringed.’ If somebody wants to restrict those rights then they need to follow it by altering the Constitution, not by putting in place legislation that is in conflict with the Constitution.”

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31 thoughts on “VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s of NRA Members Show

  1. “While there were some improvements to some of these bills, overall, it’s still bad legislation.”

    One cannot improve treason and sedition!

    “If somebody wants to restrict those rights then they need to follow it by altering the Constitution,”

    Well, it ain’t the constitution it’s the BILL OF RIGHTS & you can’t alter it.
    A subtle suggestion here from the man , sounds like to me.

    1. “One cannot improve treason and sedition!”

      Love it, Katie. So precise.

      And I’ll add that even in that false reality, the NRA came late to the party and still the headline validates and credits it with the victory.


  2. they should be fearing the rope , and that be the reason they dropped it

    because 2 things

    their eminent death
    and the fact that the 2nd amendment is perfect of WE the People , and is from our creator not some stuffed suit calling themselves politicians

    Long Live The Bill of Rights

    1. I agree. They don’t know what to do with us. Seems they know they have their hands full with that large and growing group of American Nationals who refuse to be disarmed and refuse to be owned. Knowing this has them teetering of a tightrope as to which way to take us. With all the immigrating invasions and all the trampling of rights they are seeing an opposite result to what they had anticipated. Though greater power and control seemed available to them, they met with a resistance likely not seen since 1775. So what will they do: Bring us up or bring us down? Abandon the infrastructure or bring it to state of the art? Impoverish us or flow in prosperity? 5G, 6G, 7G, or relax surveillance and the false terrorist meme? In other words, Mao’s method or more freedom. Either way, there will be no settling for less than full liberty. Yeah, fight ahead.

      Regarding our Second Article, how many times has Henry said, “If they could have taken them by now they’d have done it already?” So this means we are really holding them at bay. They want to launch more tyranny but “the biggest army on earth” is standing in their way. What will they do?

      Well, at least we know what we’ll do.


      1. A Military Tribunal should present these TRAITOROUS POLITICIANS with formal charges of TREASON, SEDITION, FELONIOUS PERJURY, and CONSPIRACY TO DEPRIVE US CITIZENS OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, amongst other charges. After all, it is they who profess to be learned in the Laws, and proficient in the knowledge of our Bill of Rights and our US Constitution. And it is they who have taken the Oath of Office, in which they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. I do believe, firmly in my heart, that when they swore the oath to UPHOLD & DEFEND, that they were lying through their teeth, knowing in their hearts that they intended to use their newly acquired power to destroy and decimate the Second Ammendment. Some of them were barely in the door before they were publicly proclaiming that they would confiscate the citizens weapons, and use our own National Guard to do their dirty work for them. They even threatened the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs with loss of pensions and job security if they did not enforce their illegal, unConstitutional decrees, which would be contrary to the Supremacy Clause found in Article Six of the US Constitution. And I firmly believe that they did conspire with certain Billionaire Oligarchs to bring about the disarmament of American Citizens, and cause any of those Law Enforcement Officers to become Traitorous Felons if they were to enforce the illegal screeds that were to be forced down our throats. And because they are so learned in the Constitution, they knew quite well that without the 2A, and an armed citizenry, that NONE of our other rights would be worth ten cents in Chinese money, for very much longer. Perhaps the end game of their plans was to bring about a civil war, with Martial Law declared, and then Foreign Troops called in to subdue and subjugate a decimated population. No, this is not over yet. There are many questions still unanswered, and the TRAITORS are still walking free.

        1. Hi Lord-Pi. I certainly agree with Katie’s and Mary’s excellent input and recommendations. And best to you in the midst of all this. I do have one question… You say,

          “A Military Tribunal should present these TRAITOROUS POLITICIANS with formal charges of TREASON…”

          Where would we find such a tribunal, as they are also infested with corruption and compliance?

          So again, it comes down to us, to each (as Katie said) individual to do what he or she can to go the distance. The often asked question, “What can one man do?,” ever looms before us. I guess we answer that as we move through this uprising. I’ll just add that I believe in us and if those who fought and died for our freedom did it, so can we. They set the bar. Who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to raise it.


  3. @Katie….How can we get his message up here in the Tri-State area ? We got our own set of Globalist sellouts here who need to be reminded about what happens to TRAITORS. One of them just withdrew from the Presidential Race, but we now know what his real politics are. This area is totally infested with KommieKrats who have been promised high positions when the Kalergi Plan comes to fruition.

    1. Lord-Pi-314, my recommendation first is that you tune into the daily broadcast Henry does. You’ll find it on the front page of on the right. Daily at 2:00 pm cst.

      EVERY state has their globalist sellouts, even here in the so called bad arse state of Texas. Know that ALL of it is a corporation, not a representative Republic.

      You as the sovereign individual with your unalienable rights dwelling within as the absolute ruler and they are to be your servant preserving your unalienable rights. Whole purpose of this govt. which is no longer a govt. but again an unlawful criminal corporation.

      You as an individual are to secure your rights which are not contingent upon a collective. The whole Tri-State area is not needed for YOU to exercise those absolute rights. Start talking to family, acquaintances, friends, strangers, etc. about who they are and their absolute rights. Give them the link to the broadcast as well as the free CD’s on the Bill of Rights.
      Get your email to Henry and he’ll put you in contact with mary to get the CD’s. You can also listen now here.

      If you haven’t been around this site for long these will assist you much.

      Start talking to people.

    2. CDs are waiting to be shipped ‘The Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained’ by Henry Shivley approx. 6 hours of education……..FREE!!!!

  4. Those leo’s are already traitorous agents as they have have consistently enforced the unlawful application of ANY and ALL gun “laws” dictated by their masters.

    military and leo have also taken the oath and violate it daily through dereliction and service to the enemy occupying commie govt of BOTH d’s AND r’s.

    They ALL know what they are doing, but leo’s and military receive their 30 pieces of silver while their masters are paid in gold and power from OUR table.

    The usual traitors will continue to violate their oaths so don’t expect any remedy from them. NO kosher/masonic court of the crown is going to help US. That is not even an option, even IF it were offered. It would merely be a temporary distraction at best.

    Any redress offered by a completely corrupted sources will only lead to completely corrupted results.

    None of them serve US. Offer them no quarter. They are not deserving. They are only doing what they are doing so the unimaginable can be implemented against US, our children and our fellow American nationals, so no mercy should be afforded.

    “Citizen-b : a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it”

    WE “owe” NOTHING, INCLUDING allegiance to a foreign occupying enemy govt that does not recognize OUR RIGHTS AND SUPREME LAW. It is they who are to be loyal to US, as they are to be OF, BY, and FOR US, the PEOPLE.

    1. I am convinced there are many amongst the LEO’s and the various branches of the military who would wear the White Hats, if they knew that WE THE PEOPLE still had the nerve to stand behind them in sufficient numbers. What is going on in Virginia, with thousands standing up for their rights and pushing back against the tyrants, is a positive indication. This movement is going to spread to other states where Bloomberg money has corrupted the process. Rome was not built in a day, stay tuned !

      1. LEO?
        Do you mean the private standing blackwater army protecting the corporate aristocracy from the wrath of the people?
        As far as Virginia, all I saw was a bunch of people yelling “We will not comply” as they complied.
        No one you have mentioned in this comment is amongst the free nationals who make up the 75% who do not participate in this corporate bullshit and will be the ones to crush the retards that do.
        Stay tuned.

      2. All I saw in Virginia was what you see standing in line at the Dumbo attraction at Disneyland. Paid for professional Bloomberg asshats making a quick $150.00. The real warriors are at home cleaning their ammo loaders.

        Some of these clowns seemed to be doing a Blackwater fashion show.

        Fkg embarrassing…

        1. Oh, police. Thank you. I thought LEO was an abbreviation for something. Oh well, I did know it wasn’t the astrological sign.



          1. Haha I love you, sister. I am happy to call all the ladies here my sisters. Please take no offense as none is ever intended. 🙂

  5. Lord Pi (God it’s hard to call you that), now that I’ve learned what a LEO is I’ll just direct you to this site, “Free Thought Project,” for archived there are so very many of the abuses of the last several years that the police state has visited upon the American people. Grand and tortuous atrocities, continual infringements of rights, intrusive no-knock invasions into private homes without warrants, and sadly, even every method of sexual predation on the most vulnerable: children, those they are charged to protect. Please know, I do not align with all that “The Free Thought Project” publishes, but on the police state, they are, in my opinion, very comprehensive. Here’s their link:

    Also, regarding the military and integrity, just like the comments above mention, they get a hefty paycheck and life-long perks. But if you really want to know who they are, just ask the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and many other countries where innocents were bombed, lives destroyed, lands devastated, resources stolen. These are not actions of honor.

    If any OPENLY defect, break all attachment to The Corporation and are willing to be one of the American Nationals committed to freedom, to The Bill of Rights, they may then be able to join the fight. Any thing short of that keeps them classified as soldiers of the enemy, anti-freedom, anti-integrity. It takes overcoming some deep programming as to who is actually a good guy and who is not.


    1. @Galen….It’s even harder typing that handle. But, Lord-Pi-314 means 2 things to me. First Pi is the number 3.14xxxxx…to infinity. It can be said that it is the Lord of All Numbers. And it also reminds me of one of my favorite “Forbidden Archeologists” whose name is Lloyd Pye. He always starts out his lectures with something that goes like this…”everything you think you know about the history of the world is WRONG”.
      Anyway, I’ll check out the Free Thinkers, for sure. And you can be sure that there are many who do not think for themselves, follow illegal orders, and commit atrocities all around the world. Some of them are addicted to ADRENOCHROME. Look it up. It’s time to start drug testing these muscreants, from the top down.

      1. Hi Lord-Pi-314. I meant no offense to you re your name; jus’ my own issue about the word “lord.” Except for Christ, it’s difficult for me to call anyone that ’cause it brings up visions of someone wanting to lord over me, visions of someone acting superior. But thank you for explaining why you chose such a name. You may have trouble believing it, but “Galen” is my real name, the one that’s on my driver’s license the same license that doesn’t have my real weight on it. Ha!! Morning confession.

        As for Adrenochrome, it’s been covered here at The Trenches many times. We know of its poison and the horror of how it is obtained. May those demons receive their due.

        Hey, glad to be with you in the fight. Much of it now is sorting things out, truth from b.s. We have been programmed and lied to for so long, but the spirit of liberty is melting all that away. The main thing now is to get all we can on-board for The Bill of Rights and our Common Law, where every individual is afforded dignity and freedom. I see it happening before my eyes, thanks to Mr. Shivley and to all who embrace that vision.


  6. No offense taken. Those are nice words to hear. Love you, too, and all my Trencher buddies. What a group we are.



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