VA House Committee Passes Firearm Storage Law, Handgun Purchase Limit

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

The House of Delegates’ Public Safety Committee on Friday passed a firearm store law and a bill limiting the number of handguns Virginians can purchase, among other gun controls.

WHSV reports the gun controls, “almost all… passed on a 13-9 party line vote,” with the Democrats voting for them and Republicans against. 

Universal background checks were among the controls passed. Such checks criminalize a neighbor who sells a five-shot revolver to a lifelong neighbor without first getting government permission via a background check. While making criminals out of the law-abiding, they do nothing to stop gang members and street criminals from selling stolen guns to one another in dark alleys, drug houses, and parking lots.

Del. Mark Levine (D-45th Dist.) boasted the committee also passed a bill allowing local municipalities to enact gun bans for certain areas whether the state legislature enacts such bans or not. The bill particularly allows local municipalities to ban concealed carry in parks and public buildings. In other words, the bill, should it pass, would allow local municipalities to ban carry by those who have gone through the legal process of acquiring a license to carry for self-defense.

Ironically, the May 31, 2019, Virginia Beach shooting occurred in a building where employees were banned from carrying guns for self-defense. The Crime Prevention Research Center reported: “Virginia Beach bans employees from being able to carry guns. In addition, while it was indeed possible for a civilian to enter the ‘Operations Building’ where the attack occurred, the ‘Operations Building,’ as its name suggests, was a building where virtually only employees would be in.”

But one city employee ignored the ban, carrying in two .45 caliber handguns into the gun free area in order and inflicting death on the unarmed.

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4 thoughts on “VA House Committee Passes Firearm Storage Law, Handgun Purchase Limit

    1. yup… they are so secure in their position and safety, that they declare their treason proudly from on high…. and they are not alone, it is entrenched and institutionalized throughout our republic.

      I guess we know what time it is brothers, and now we see the beginning of this global “Pandemic” crap.

      I always said when they decide to go full on, they will hit us from several different fronts at the same time, with one goal in mind to disarm us all…. War, terrorism, pandemic, aliens etc… anyone resisting will be the enemy..

      Very creative, but I say if they want an end game, we give it to them, regardless the consequences….

  1. I won’t say where I am… But. I came with things not allowed locally. In fact. If caught I’d receive many years. I’m not going 9hours from home without the ability to survive. I also have a first aid kit that includes surgical equipment and compass and optics and much more. As far as this junk story. Gfy. Shall not be infringed is the same as from my COLD dead hands.
    Yet all those people who showed up went home and achieved Jack sh!t .
    Sucks but a bunch of people’s family need to be tied to a couch before the Bill of Rights will be honored by the very scourge that is the current public/ mammoneir.

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