Vaccine Passports and Medical Martial Law

Truth Unmuted – by Jesse Smith

Almost one year ago, former President Trump declared a national emergency and the White House announced a 15-day plan to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Governments around the world either preceded the U.S. or soon followed with similar pronouncements. The upsurge in totalitarianism since these edicts were installed is mind-boggling.

Staying home, social distancing, and hand washing were the first steps in the slippery slope towards medical martial law. Then came the lockdowns and mandatory face mask policies. These were soon followed by pressure to take a COVID-19 test, contact tracing, and quarantines. Next were vaccines that were rushed to production, given only “emergency use authorization” by the FDA and still deemed experimental, having completely skipped long-term safety studies. Now, the threat of vaccine passports/certificates represents the next step towards complete tyranny and subjugation of the people. 

All of these draconian measures have served as social engineering tools to get people used to having “experts” and government officials tell them what to do. In fact, you could argue that all of humanity (outside those in authority) has been slowly tortured over the past year. With staggering numbers of suicides and rising rates of substance abuse, many decided to just check out. The remaining masses have been subjected to classical conditioning like Pavlov’s dogs. During this “plandemic”, most people have been retrained to depend on authorities to tell them when they can go to work, visit loved ones, travel, go to church, hug someone or even shake their hand.

The path to totalitarian control always starts with something simple and seemingly reasonable. It’s also usually accompanied by a promise of peace and safety in exchange for surrendering one’s rights.
– Jesse Smith, Mask Up! The Con Game to Destroy Your Freedom

Loving Your Oppressors

There is a sickness going around that’s much worse than any coronavirus. It’s called “Stockholm Syndrome” and it infects those who are too ignorant, trusting, and fearful to question those in authority and hold them accountable. Infected people lap up every word people like Dr. Anthony Fauci say, no matter how many times he’s contradicted himself or even been caught lying. They fully agree with taking a vaccine rolled out at warp speed with completely new technology that’s never before been tested on human beings. They yell at people in stores who refuse to wear face masks. They call anyone with facts contradicting the mainstream narrative a conspiracy theorist. They cheer when people who disagree with them get censored, deplatformed, and even lose their jobs. They don’t balk when authorities extend or issue new state of emergency rules restricting their freedom. They don’t even get angry when hypocritical officials are caught violating their own rules. But they are quick to attack anyone challenging their beloved rulers and attempting to restore liberty such as when Texas Governor Greg Abbott reopened the state and lifted mask mandates (well, sort of).

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4 thoughts on “Vaccine Passports and Medical Martial Law

  1. just wait until they make the experimental vaccine mandatory! by then the “vaccine passports” will have been put in place. making leaving the house a crime! or trying to get grocery’s at the store!
    i can see it now! if WE THE PEOPLE don’t follow the sheeple’s example and get the “jab” . government will lockdown EVERYTHING! then go door to door making sure that everyone has there “government” mandated vaccine passport! and if you don’t have one you get the shot on the spot! refuse, off to jail. already had your shot but lost your paperwork, too bad you get another dose of poison!
    we have already seen mandatory quarantines and what happens when someone breaks quarantine. we have seen what happens when a business opens in spite of unlawful laws! we have seen what the blue lies mafia has done to people that don’t wear a mask! we have seen how government defies the mandates they put in place!
    WE HAVE SEEN………… far too much BS with this fake pandemic and it needs to end NOW!

    1. Just wait until the regiment of the king’s army goes to Concorde and confiscates the arsenal.
      Just wait until the people just lay down their guns and drop to their knees and beg King George to show mercy on his subjects.
      You are a f-king troll and I know you have slipped back on here twice.
      Take your defeatism and shove it up your ass and we will just see if the people allow themselves to be locked down unlawfully and vaccinated like cows or if they blow these mother f-kers out of their boots.
      How much do they pay you to commit treason against your own people?
      Don’t tell me what anybody is going to do to me or anybody else, pretending you know our resolve.
      Now get the f-k off this site and don’t you ever come back again.

    2. ALL we have seen is what the propaganda arm of the communists have broadcast on the tellalievision. How much of what you see on tv is real vs what is staged? Our successes will never be televised. Stop with the fear bee ess already.
      ‘…and if you don’t have one you get the shot on the spot! refuse, off to jail.’ …………I guess that would perhaps be your option but it won’t be mine ……….Liberty over Life!

  2. Someone I know spent the last few days at some private camp site in the Texas Hill Country and according to this person NOT ONE of the hundreds of campers and NOT ONE of the camp staff, close to a hundred staff, wore masks, socially distanced, or was forced to get a “vaccine” and in fact according to one employee the camp NEVER locked down or required “vaccines” or mask wearing…even during Abbott and Costello’s “lock down order” from March 2020 until last week. Why? Because the owners of the camp (part of a ranch, plus they own other camp sites as well) never bought into the covid crap. Why? Because in fact is has always been up to the business owners, not some governor, to decide to follow “the narrative”….maybe more Texas business owners (and I mean mostly of business store chains that are likely run out of California or NY that just loves mask wearing) should copy what these camp owners have done, letting hundreds of spring breakers do whatever…. uphold the BoR, for one thing….
    Mostly IMHO, it is the owners or franchisers or the major chains (food chains, restaurant chains, chains like Stripes or Loves or Flying J with gas pumps, department store chains–not mom and pop stores, etc.–that still require mask wearing in Texas even after Abbott “reopened” Texas March 10.

    Another thing (I’ve been AFC the last few days) I noticed last Saturday at a local POA bake sale for a firefighter fighting for his life with various conditions–when I was bringing baked items for sale not wearing a mask I noticed nearly everyone still wearing that stupid mask! But once they saw I didn’t have one on, when I went back later hardly anyone wore that stupid mask! I guess all it takes is for one person to not conform, and no one of course harassed me about not wearing that stupid mask. When I left the event, not one person (including a Biden-supporting Democrat Fire Chief) wore masks. Go along to get along only takes one so far….

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