Vaccine Revolt


“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana

Never forget what happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1904. I highly recommend everyone read the article on Wikipedia because this is beginning to happen right here in America. I’ll post just a few snipets, see if you can spot any comparisons to today’s events regarding covid19.

“To eradicate smallpox, Dr. Cruz convinced the Congress to approve the Mandatory Vaccination Law on October 31, 1904, authorizing sanitary brigade workers, accompanied by police, to enter homes and apply the vaccine by force.”

“The violence finally began when a few young attendees leaving one of these meetings argued with a police officer, and were promptly arrested. Witnesses to this incident furiously besieged the police station to which the men were taken, and continued to fight with cavalry officers brought in to disperse the excited mob.”

” Rioters looted shops, overturned and burned trams, made barricades, pulled out tracks, broke poles and streetlights, and attacked federal troops with rocks, sticks, debris, knives, and stolen guns. Factory laborers revolted in their own workplaces on the outskirts of town, while impoverished and evicted townspeople attempted to secure control over the heart of the city.”

“.. the government suspended mandatory vaccination and declared a state of siege.”

” Despite its relatively swift downfall, the revolt convinced the mayor and his cabinet to abandon the forced-vaccination program for the time being. This concession was ultimately demonstrated to have been quite superficial, however, as the policy was re-instated several years later.”

Unfortunately, the conclusion of the “Aftermath” section tries to make, president Rodrigues Alves, mayor Pereira, and the Director General of Public Health Dr. Oswaldo Cruz to appear as justified heroes, yet there is no mention of the negative effects this “vaccine” had on the population it was forced upon.

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    1. I never said it was. That is the reason for the last part of the article I submitted. I am sure there are other sources where one can get information about the “Vaccine Revolt”, but most Trenchers here know how to look at an article from any source and ignore the lies within.

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