4 thoughts on “Vaccines may also be administered OPPORTUNISTICALLY while patients are undergoing sedation for unrelated procedures

  1. Yes, covid 19 doesn’t exist. Yes, voting solves nothing. But the idea of being jabbed when sedated, WOW!! I know they are capable of such evil, but amazing that they actually say it out loud?


  2. For anyone undergoing a procedure requiring sedation, write a clause into the consent form (for the procedure) stating you do not want any vaccines AND/OR gene therapies administered prior to, during and post anesthesia recovery. Be sure you have it dated and timed AND witnessed with signature, date and time by at least one (preferably two) of the medical staff involved in the procedure. Express your wishes verbally as well to EVERYONE involved in the procedure. Also, when you go in for the procedure be sure you have a band placed on your wrist with your instruction. They do this for allergies and patient identification so can add one more. Instructions should also be on the cover of your chart in big letters. If it was moi, I would also have it written on one of my arms in marker.
    Now, having said all that we must anticipate being denied any medical/surgical procedures if we do not comply with the genocidal agenda.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Those are some steps to take, yet while reading them I kept thinking, I don’t even trust this. Maybe it all has to be filmed, not that even that would stop them. Evil honors no such agreements. They can always use their corrupted reasoning of “We did it for your own good. You might have died.”

      My trust of them is all but gone. Totalitarian medicine serving Totalitarianism.


  3. handcuffs and anesthesia.. same thing. you can bet your… LIFE.. they WILL inject with whatever the F they want to.. especially if it pays. all they gotta do is show the payer they stuck you.. they ain’t gotta show you. even if “their law” says they do.. they just wont. how you gonna prove different?.. FOIA??? OKAY!!! THERE IS NO LAW!!!

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