Vegas Shooting – Why So Sloppy?


Why was the Mandalay Bay “shooting” in Las Vegas so sloppy?

It was clearly another DHS hoax — but why can’t DHS get their story straight? Why all the contradictions? 

“Stephen Paddock” supposedly shot people from his hotel window at Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas.

He supposedly used a “bump stock” on his rifle to get Full Auto (rapid fire) from a semi-automatic gun.

But the story doesn’t add up. Every hour, DHS releases another “story twist,” making the story impossible to follow — or to believe.

There’s a reason this Vegas “shooting” story is so sloppy.

Was Vegas another False Flag — like Sandy Hook? More like another HOAX. Nobody died at Vegas.

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2 thoughts on “Vegas Shooting – Why So Sloppy?

  1. why so sloppy?
    because they think were stupid
    and because they think they own our thoughts because they have been at brainwashing the masses for so long now, that they cannot comprehend the possibility of free thought

  2. ES: Barry Soetoro’s videos are great. He’s done allot to expose the Sandy Hook hoax with his comedic method. He’s been recently kicked off of YouTube. Fortunately there are alternative sites to post videos now.

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