Vendettas: The Sutton-Taylor Feud

Published on May 27, 2018

Narrated by David Ackroyd

This is possibly a repackaged/re-branded episode of History’s Mysteries.

The Sutton–Taylor feud began as a county law enforcement issue between relatives of Texas state law agent, Creed Taylor, and a local law enforcement officer, William Sutton, in DeWitt County, Texas. The feud cost at least 35 lives and eventually included the outlaw John Wesley Hardin as one of its participants. It started in March 1868, not reaching its conclusion until the Texas Rangers put a stop to the fighting in December 1876.

2 thoughts on “Vendettas: The Sutton-Taylor Feud

  1. Only in Texas… and glad to see Leon C. Metz in the episode. Met him at a local writer’s conference in 1999 and have a signed copy of his book, “Roadside History of Texas.” This fued mentioned on pages 317-320. This man is one of THE best Texas historians ever.

  2. According to John Wesley Hardin, whose first kill as a teenager was a black man he claimed tried to club him off a horse, blacks were abusive to whites in north Texas. His family feared he wouldn’t get a fair hearing and he went into hiding. Though probably the bloodiest outlaw of the time his name is not a household name like Billy the Kid. Probably because of the racial overtones.

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