Vermont Towns Open Voting to Foreign Nationals, Offering Ballots in Foreign Languages

Breitbart – by John Binder

A pair of Vermont towns are ready for their first local elections where foreign nationals will be allowed to vote, even offering ballots in foreign languages.

Montpelier, the state’s capital, and Winooski, located just outside of Burlington, are set to hold local elections where, for the first time, foreign nationals will be able to vote. In Montpelier, city officials said one foreign national has registered to vote while about eight foreign nationals have registered in Winooski.

In addition, Winooski is ensuring that non-English speaking foreign nationals have ballots in their native languages and is doing community outreach to get as many foreign nationals registered to vote as possible.

WCAX3 News reports:

Julienne Mugisha moved to Winooski from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018. The Winooski resident is registered to vote and spoke to us through an interpreter. She says she’s excited that this door is now open for her and other people who are not noncitizens [sic] and that it feels incredible to be able to vote for leaders and have support from the community. [Emphasis added]

Mugisha is one of just eight people who aren’t yet citizens but have registered to vote in Winooski so far. The city has an ongoing outreach program, including ballots in several different languages, to attract more people to register. [Emphasis added]

In June 2021, Democrats in the Vermont state legislature approved changes to the charters governing Montpelier and Winooski so that foreign nationals could vote in local elections.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott only vetoed the plan because it did not provide all foreign nationals across Vermont the right to vote. Legislators ultimately overrode his veto.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is currently suing Montpelier and Winooski for allowing foreign nationals to vote, arguing that the policy violates Vermont’s constitution, which reserves voting rights for American citizens.

3 thoughts on “Vermont Towns Open Voting to Foreign Nationals, Offering Ballots in Foreign Languages

  1. Just wanna say when this headline came up, I felt stabbed. Probably what the bast*rds intended.

    Still not immune to their onslaughts. But they’re only firing up ours.



  2. Has Phil Scott or others supporting this idea ever read the Vermont Constitution? This idea is in diametric opposition to the principles under which Vermont was established. One also must own land and take an oath to settle here. Until the people do this, they are not qualified to vote on Vermont matters. I think I smell attorneys and communists or other liberals who are unregistered foreign agents at work here. Who started this illegal and unlawful idea?

    1. Your comment was right on until you threw the liberal shit in there and showed that you are too ignorant to know that liberals and conservatives are the same. It is the corporations against the people. It is law or no law. You need to educate yourself, otherwise you are perpetuating the phony left-right paradigm.
      They are violating the law, just like their counterparts do. Quit falling for this f-king bullshit. Wake up.

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