Veteran Arrested for Asking Cop to Show ID

Cop Block – by Eric E. ID-CopBlock

I was pulled over on November 19th and arrested within three minutes of first contact, without having done anything illegal.

The reason given for the initial stop was an alleged lack of lights on a bicycle. The officer asked me for an ID and I responded by asking if I was legally required to show an ID. (I knew I was not. If the officer had reasonable suspicion that I had committed or was about to commit a crime, I would have been compelled to give my name, and I would have if asked. But he never once asked for my name, only for a physical ID, which I am not even required to carry.)  

He stated that any time his lights were flashing I was required to show an ID, which is simply not true. I started filming and asked to see some identification from him. He refused and, as you can see in the video, put me in handcuffs almost immediately, without having even given me a full name or badge number, and repeatedly refusing to tell me what the probable cause for the arrest was.

For more info on what happened, and to see a transcript of the audio please check out:

For a video of me going into a little bit more depth explaining what happened:

I would appreciate it if everyone could spread this video and contact GPD and express their concerns about the conduct of their officers, especially officer Benjamin Blake.

Eric E.

4 thoughts on “Veteran Arrested for Asking Cop to Show ID

  1. It is a pity that there are so few young American Heroes like this young veteran, to challenge domestic enemies. I have been a paralegal in the Patriot Movement for years, and so many of the patriots I have done paralegal work for over the years have passed away due to old age. It is ignorance that is killing this country, and our God-given rights. Cf. Declaration of Independence. SUPPORT YOUNG PATRIOTS.
    Jim Kerr

  2. Hello James Kerr
    “It is ignorance that is killing this country.” i think i would add cowardice to that statement sir.

  3. “He stated that any time his lights were flashing I was required to show an ID, which is simply not true.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROLMFAO!!! Oh man, what will they think of next?

    So I guess according to this cop’s statement, whenever anyone on the road sees a cop with their lights on and are driving, we are all suppose to stick our hands out the window with our IDs (while driving) and the people walking by on the curb are supposed to stretch out their arms with their IDs as the police are driving by.

    I mean how much more absurd can you get?

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