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Veterans Group Discovers Possible Underground Child Trafficking Camp

CBN News – by Emily Jones

Members of a veteran’s advocacy group believe they have discovered a hidden child-trafficking camp in Arizona.

Last month, Veterans on Patrol, a group that helps homeless veterans, were searching for veterans in need near Interstate 19 in Tucson when they came across what looked like an underground bunker. According to KGUN-9, they also found a baby crib, stroller, hair dye, wrist restraints, crates, and pornographic material.  

The group contacted local authorities who said while they are not ruling out the possibility that this site was used for human trafficking, they believe the bunker is most likely an abandoned homeless camp.

Veterans on Patrol shared what they discovered with former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer, who founded Veterans for Child Rescue, a faith-based organization that fights human trafficking.  He went to the site and shot footage of what he found.

“The underground bunker is a septic tank and it’s turned on its side and it’s buried partially underground,” Sawyer told CBN News. “It looked cruel and inhumane..like a place where you would put children so people don’t hear them scream.”

In the bunker he found a chain, children’s clothing, and toy dolls among other things.

While he admits his suspicions of human trafficking could be wrong, he does not believe the site is an abandoned homeless camp like local police suggest.

“I can’t imagine seeing any homeless people putting their children in there willingly. It just does not seem like a hospitable shelter,” he explained.

Sawyer and his team also found a grove of trees nearby with “numerous straps to latch or bind” something or someone to them. If this is indeed a trafficking ring, he believes children could have been tied to the trees and assaulted.

Sawyer says the combination of what appears to be “rape trees” and an underground septic tank with children’s clothes in it leads him to believe children were being trafficked here.

While it’s too early to tell who could be behind the alleged trafficking camp, Sawyer says the location could give some clues.

“MS-13 or the Mexican drug cartel would be my first two guesses,” he explained. The site is located right next to Interstate 19, which runs all the way to Mexico.

Whatever the truth behind this site may be, Sawyer says he will continue to glorify Christ by fighting those who wish to do children harm.

“This is the frontline between good and evil,” he shared, adding that the Church needs to be on the forefront of the battle against human trafficking.

According to Tucson News Now, the local police department is now investigating the veterans group’s discovery.

CBN News also attempted to contact the Tuscon Police Department for comment and had not heard back prior to publication.


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4 Responses to Veterans Group Discovers Possible Underground Child Trafficking Camp

  1. flee says:

    Wow…this is news to me.

    I guess they’ve disbursed with conventional means.

    Like…trafficking children and drugs through all of your Air Force Military bases.

    I guess at a cost savings you could just build a tunnel and pocket the money.

    Providing a sub standard contract trafficking median.

    With a full benefit of profit.

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    Oh… and I Forgot….

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    All ways Low prices goddamint.

    What part of low prices…

    Don’t Yu [Mother f*KERS] UNDERSTAND ?

    I mean…things are bad…

    Oh… really…

    Had bad are they…?

    They’re so fkng bad…

    I’d re-marry my x wife…

    Just to get these low prices…

    That’s how fkng bad it is.

    [Insert Comic Drum Here]


    No Respect.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    “….he does not believe the site is an abandoned homeless camp like local police suggest…..”

    Police are regularly involved in at least covering up child sex rings, if not running them. I’ve heard several accounts in the past that had cops looking the other way, or facilitating the business. (this from an ex-NYPD detective whose career focused on these crimes)

    And they’re definitely covering up something here if they insist it was a homeless camp after children’s clothing and pornographic material were found.

  3. DL. says:

    Interesting–not the story (which yes is interesting because of the likelihood of it being true), but the fact that almost the exact same story was posted on Investment Watchblog by one Ruby Henley, the same woman (a moderator at IWB), who lambasted me for calling Tommy Robinson a Zionist…and further, told me that “you don’t know who I am, but I know you” and “God have mercy” on my soul… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–the ONLY trustworthy news aggregation site left is FTTWR! So, does she, like Robinson, go by several names?

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