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Vice President Biden’s Bizarre, Creepy Interaction with Senator’s Daughter

Published on Jan 6, 2015 by YouHitNews

(Mediaite) Today is Vice President Joe Biden’s favorite day of the year. He gets to swear-in incoming U.S. senators and make a series of borderline-innappropriate comments to their families as they awkwardly pose for photos. Among the many uncomfortable moments during today’s proceedings, none can top Biden’s interaction with the young daughter of second-term U.S. Senator Chris Coons from the VP’s home state of Delaware.

We will likely never know what sweet nothings Biden whispered into the girl’s ear before trying to kiss her on the cheek as she pulled away, but we will have these GIFs, from a conservative super PAC and both left and right-leaning media outlets to marvel over for a long time to come:
Unfortunately for Biden, the video of the interaction is no less creepy
Among Biden’s other exploits at today’s event were calling new GOP. Senator Joni Ernst “Gail” (that’s her husband’s name), telling Republican Sen. Pat Roberts’ daughter “Thank God you look like your mother,” and declaring, “I like kids better than people.”
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(The DC) Oops. During the swearing-in of newly-elected Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, Vice President Joe Biden accidentally called her by her husband’s name.
“Gail!” Biden yelled excitedly, as she approached.
“Mr. Vice President, Joni,” she responded while shaking his hand. “My husband’s Gail.”
“Oh, I’m, I’m… it’s getting late, man,” he responded apologetically.
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2 Responses to Vice President Biden’s Bizarre, Creepy Interaction with Senator’s Daughter

  1. Dalton says:

    Ok – probably the pedophiles in Washington DC are in the majority, and does anyone doubt that Biden isn’t plenty creepy enough to be among them?
    Grassley found out 5300 computers at the Pentagon and DoD had pornography on them including child porn – he ordered an investigation that seems to have gone nowhere – someone high up wants to cover this all up………add to that the fact 4 years ago Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was apparently suicided just as she was about to break a big child porn/trafficking scandal within Washington and the Child Protective Services…
    Now we have the allegations against Prince Andrew – includes Bill Clinton…it’s the tip of the iceberg and we must wonder can the 1% of Satanic Zionists Elitist really keep this BIG story buried – for how long? It’s worldwide and includes all of them from Washington to British Monarchy and beyond….the iceberg maybe surfacing – this was reported on Monday:


    My bet these are the stories – once fully exposed that will bring down the criminal cartel running our country into the ground – even the dullest sheep in the herd will not bow down to these most sordid, perverted, rotten child molesters….stay tuned, plenty more to come.

  2. EJgrunt says:

    It was probably just a metal deficiency causing his child fettish . I would prescribe a healthy dose of 123 gr medicine . Dr EJ Pmd .

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