12 thoughts on “Video of train headed south at Modoc Point just south of Chiloquin on 12/18/21 at 5:00 pm

  1. Wonder what rail line this is
    And what direction it’s traveling

    This isn’t really a surprise, as we are always in a perpetual state of war

    1. It’s headed south because the sun is setting at 5pm.

      Probably a deployment out of Lewis McCord and deploying to long beach .ca to ship out.

      1. I saw lots of white vehicles. Are these for “peace-keeping”? One can only wonder how easy/hard it would be to stop that train in the middle of nowhere & commandeer all those vehicles on behalf of the ONLY lawful standing army in the Republic. You know, the ones who actually paid for them & therefore are the rightful owners!

  2. Probably just more US hardware they promised the Afghans
    Be interesting to see if this all ended up on boats back over to there ….

  3. Looks like the Demon – crappers are making ready to back up their threats and are preparing to pre-position their deployable assets for the coming highway closures, choke points, and check points in support of the coming door to door forced Wu Flu shots and booster jabs. Keep watching the FEMA camps and post holiday season malls, shopping centers and post offices. Treason and tyranny have an agenda for 2022. Yes SW Oregon has a FEMA Camp. Those of us with good memories remember Obamas and Hillary’s enemy lists (which are now in Biden’s possession) and how under Obama his administration they war-gamed this scenario on several western states highways between 2012 and 2016 and to which uncle Ho-Jo made recent references and threats about using just two weeks ago at a press conference when asked what could be done about the 1/3 of Americans who refuse the death jabs and those who are refusing the boosters and vax tracking cards.

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