Video Shows Moment Woman Pushes Elderly Man Off Las Vegas Bus

Published on May 15, 2019

In search of witnesses, Las Vegas police have released surveillance video showing a woman pushing an a 74-year-old man off a bus, allegedly leading to his death. Police say 25-year-old suspect Cadesha Bishop was argumentative with people on the bus and the man told her to “be nicer to passengers.”

7 thoughts on “Video Shows Moment Woman Pushes Elderly Man Off Las Vegas Bus

  1. The thing that gets me most of all about this are the two other passengers who just look on. One seems slightly shocked and then goes about her business. The other, in the sunglasses seems indifferent. Neither check on the elderly man. Neither pounce on the woman who pushed. This is a terrible picture of a dead society. Can you just imagine if a Trencher (instincts intact) was on that bus?


    1. One big-@ss, mean b#tch, galen.

      You’d have had to bounce her head off’n one of those hold-on rails a few times to calm her down, no doubt.

      Or zap her fat @ss with a stun gun… my first choice.

      Not nearly as bloody, at any rate.

        1. In spades, Sunfire.

          But as EotS pointed out, the pigs will be all over the ‘ good guy that stood up for the elderly’, would most likely shoot them just for sh#ts & giggles, and then beat up the old man some more for good measure.

          Best bet would be to stay on the bus till she got off, follow the b#tch till she’s out of public view, then wail on her fat, stupid @ss to knock some sense into that thick skull.

          Or at least impart the knowledge that the same that she dishes out can happen to her, if the right person comes along.

    2. Yep
      Everyone is afraid they would do the right thing , than the pigs show up and do the wrong thing
      And beat the shit out of the good guy that stood up for the elderly
      Now a days if you stick out , the system pummels you and puts you in a cage for some shit they made up
      Their divide and conquer tactics have come home to roost and that’s what you are seeing here
      Zero unity

  2. I would have choke the hell out of that bitch . I hate people who pick on defenseless people who cant defend themselves.

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