Video Shows Police Beating Pregnant Woman

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Did San Antonio Police Officers use excessive force on a pregnant woman? That’s what the Department is looking into tonight, after a Fox San Antonio viewer shot video of three officers holding down a pregnant woman. One of those officers hits her repeatedly.
It was the sound of a woman screaming that caught Lorenzo Rios’s attention. “All I heard was her yelling to get off me, I heard her yell I’m pregnant,” said Rios. So, he started to record this video with his cell phone. “She was already cuffed and they started to beat her, which I don’t think was right. It was pretty messed up. She was already down and pretty small compared to the other officers.”
According to a police report, 21-year-old Destiny Rios was arrested for prostitution and resisting arrest. She’s 5’1, 126 pounds and pregnant. “She did look pregnant, she looked about two months pregnant,” said Rios. It was the 4th of July around 5:30 p.m., when an officer saw Rios walking on Culebra. When he stopped to ask her name, he found out she had an active warrant for prostitution. When he started to arrest her, she fought back.
“Size makes no difference, it’s the amount of fight in the person,” said Chief William McManus, San Antonio Police. Fox San Antonio gave the police department a copy of the video, but the Chief says he didn’t see it. When we offered to show him, he said he didn’t need to see it. “What’s on the video is in my understanding is what the officer reported.” But, we found inconsistencies. We counted eight hits in the video, but the police report only says there were four or five. “Whether it was four or five or whether it was 8, it’s really irrelevant if the officer felt he needed to strike her 8 times in order to get her to comply and put handcuffs on, then that’s how many times he struck her,” said McManus.
Rios also told police she used heroin the day before. The man behind the camera says no one deserves this. “She didn’t need to be beaten like that like, she was small, she was already cuffed, she wasn’t resisting but for them to come and jump on her and punch her not once, but 9 times that was pretty messed up,” said Rios.
The police report says once handcuffs were on her, she was not struck. The Chief says he’s looking into all of this, but right now all of the officers are still on regular duty. Rios suffered minor injuries. Tonight, she’s still in the Bexar County Jail – 9 July 2012.

15 thoughts on “Video Shows Police Beating Pregnant Woman

  1. UNFLIPPINGBELIEVABLE!!! The Chief says he doesn’t need to see the video because he believes in the officer’s actions? Isn’t that a conflict of interest or biased or something? Are you kidding me? What kind of chief of police is he? The IA or someone who monitors the chief of police should throw the chief under the bus or something. What the hell is that guy drinking? UNBELIEVABLE!!! The same thing happened to me with three cops on top of me and they still felt the need to tase me and saying I was resisting when I wasn’t moving. This just proves the cops and the chief will ALWAYS side with the cops (code of silence) and care nothing for the people at all.

    1. NC , remember the movie ” Code Of Silence ” w / Chuck Norris and Henry Silva . Same damn thing being played out in real life . Every day in anytown u.s.a……..Cop f@cks up , and the thin blue line just follows behind . Mind – numbed robots to the max .

  2. I will warn the biigmouthed ones about the present future.

    It will be worse.
    The violence will be worse.
    The food prices will souar.
    And poverty to, and the increasingly militarising of controll, of even goverment land, will eventualy lead to conflicts, regarding the fact that people, the poorest ones, have only the nature left to survive on.
    The food wars will beginn.
    And then the violence will escalate to unpresedented hights, and in the citys the overall situation will be even worse.
    Lesser food, simply.

    Then, americans, the faith will eventualy catchup and you will be living inside a wast consentration camp. Its been a slow and gradual prosces, like tides, unnitised but esential.
    The droaconian mesurments is increasing, the law is corrupted to serve the power that are incharge and their capos, the robberbarons.

    Keys: Petrol, food, shelter, primary and fu… it up and it will have consequences.

    The rightwinged nutts, the rascists are usaly the very same as the Hasbatasnjiks, dont forgett thet, they are fuling this aspect, because it servs their agenda, more violence. More violence, breeds just more violence. And the the circle has started.

    You will have a rude awakening, not yett, no, no, I dont belive for a fraction of a second on the doosday(aka:armaggedon) at all, its all a part of the pimpings of fear. I have so far found nothing, that sould indicate anything. The amount of stupid shitt and drivel about doomsday is amazing, and some is so badly made, the fakes so obvious, that I have a lott of funn, seeing it on the Tube. If its there, its because it for a reason, the delete everything else.
    Historicaly the drivel is even wurse, and staggering levels of direct dessinfo and forged histroical issues and events.

    Just an example, cheek out this, the fact that democgrafig movments always have been a part of human nature, and regarding europa, the indiginous people, basques(and surounding areas as Catalonia a.s.o.) and the Eastern samics people.
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    PS: for the weird ones, I am pure blooded, and thats why we are never mentioned, despite the facts of our presens of Spirals, like the ones find in Knossos(creta, greec), aprox 2500-3000 years old.

    You will not find this at all, in the YouTube and others, because they dont know mutch at all, recycling drivel its al they do. The latest is not mentioned, like the fact that Noway was Budistic loong before the christians arived, and have smoked pott for several milleniums.


    PS: B.Franklin is form the same people.

      1. #1 , the guy can’t spell worth a damn , he rambles on and on trying to make himself look smart , and lastly ; He’s more than happy to call out the right wing nuts . WHAT ABOUT THE LEFT WING NUTS ?

        I think he has inhaled one too many times !!!!!!

          1. PS, you guys: I think he is from Russia and read too many books. If I am right, then he thinks he know how to act in the amerika`s by reading a book while living in Russia. If I am wrong then I apoloize.

          2. Hey Digger , what the hell happened to the site over the weekend . I got home from work Mon. a.m. expecting to get into my daily routine and no articles were e-mailed . I couldn’t figure out w.t.f. was going on . I thought I screwed up somehow with my ltd.knowledge of the computer .

          3. Geeze japoa, I do not know – My memory is fried – from the 60`s ya know – but I am still a honest man. I`ll correspond with ya -if your cool, but the only ones I have ever e- mailed was Henry, and that bastard Rob Richardson – two times , and only to let him know what I thought – I never got no mail from you and I do not know what you are refering to from this last week end. Forgive me if I am sounding a little dumb but what has been happening lately on site really sucks. We all got to stick together and be tight if possible. My ass has been out on a limb for years and I am just looking for like minded people – eh japoa. I know that I had my internet provider work on my pc the other day and they said that GoDaddy has been causing a lot of sh*t. PS japoa I also have limited knowledge of computers, you are not alone on that one japoa. I have no ill will towards you japoa, I hope I am not being a ass saying this ya know. Keep the faith buddy japoa and get back to me if you want man, eh.

          4. hey man , I wasn’t being accusitory . Just was wondering what happened . What I meant was I get the daily articles e-mailed to me and all of the sudden they just disappeared . This was noway a knock on you or anybody else. I should have described the situation better , my apologies.

  3. @ japoa 2:54. Aw man japoa, I just didn`t know how to interpret that, ya know. It was my fault japoa – absolutly not yours man. I just still am dwelling on that f`er Rob pos. I guess I just didn`t know how to respond to you japoa. I AM SORRY JAPOA IF I SOUNDED THREATENING IN ANY WAY. I did not mean to be so if that is how I came off to ya.

    1. This might be one of those 50% my bad / 50% your bad . No big deal dude . At least you didn’t accuse me of being an Obama or Romney supporter ; thems might a been fightin’ words . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. Cool japoa. What a deal! we cannot ask for any more than that japoa. I guess that is what separates us on this site from the trolls. We are cool here!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for understanding japoa.

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