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Vidrebel On 911. Next Year Let’s Arrest the Perpetrators.

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I am of the opinion that things are coming to a head and not just here in the US. I should repeat that I am more interested in the Trump movement than I am in him. If the world blows up, we can either rebuild or go die with those we knew and loved.

The following are some of the articles I wrote on 911.

911: Short And Powerful Questions  


Barbara Honegger And The Pentagon Attack Papers in 2 Minutes


(The next one is my rendition of a banned video that had been turned into a PDF file.)

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World


The Symbolism Of 11-9-2011 And 9-11-2001


Video: Susan Lindauer On Advanced Knowledge of 911


Susan Lindauer: Bush, Cheney, Israel, 911 And The Jewish Question.


Jekyll Island, The JFK Assassination And 911. Three American Coups

Lone Gunmen TV Episode Predicted 911. Full Version


(I do not agree with Dr Wood on every point but she is raising issues.)

Video: Dr Judy Wood And 911 Facts


Video Rebel’s Blog


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  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Next year? Seriously?

    I think we’ll be well beyond the arresting point by this time next year.

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