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  1. it is today that I’ve been home 45 years – med-Evac’d 4/29/69 home 5/14/69
    US567197xx – sorry, rbeason, I just can’t put those last two numbers in – maybe it’s this phobia I’ve been getting lately

    1. well my gracious, who would have know….I returned in June of 1970, US56639487….and I see yours is US also…..
      I shall not forget that….of you on this website…
      tks for sharing….

      1. I remember the first time I saw one of your posts with your “US” # – I knew – may none of these kids know, but I knew

        1. you’re correct! May none of these kids know….Only, way!!got to be Big Headlines of how to avoid it………………..AND….tis not so….
          i see those headlines no-where….
          So, tis a different decade, a different named event, a different bunch of youths, and all sent off to the slaughter………for the purpose of the LORDS…of commerce….Got Damn, How easy and How difficult to stop it!!!!

    2. course should you decide to………any paper record of your service will have the rest of the numbers….
      So sorta wonder!!!
      Basic training drummed that number into my brain, it’ll; be the last thing I remember before dying……hell I don’t need dog tags…just ask ME./….

      1. I could tell you a story from my experience at the VA – wherein this old ret. Marine MGSgt (probably 30yrs+) corrected this VA clerk; saying: I ain’t met nobody, that ever met nobody; that EVER forgot his serial number – now, . . . . young lady; IF THAT’S WHAT HE SAYS IT IS ;; RUN IT

  2. Just in case no one ever said “Welcome Home” to you before…..then “Welcome Home”………
    I was in the Navy off the coast on carriers for three WestPacs while my brother was also “in country” in 1969.
    There are some good memories of that time ….being young of course….but Veterans from that war were not treated well.
    Hope you’re doing well.

    1. tks for posting…
      it’s not so much of doing well, it’s much that the same bullshit has never stopped………….
      tks for posting………of yourself….
      The MSM…has this country, and world,,,,covered with complete garbage bullshit of writing and reporting……….that’s the problem…
      Good to speak to you Cory

  3. I was too young to serve when you all did, my hat is off to you
    I come from a family of Service.
    I would rather not say what my later involvement was.

    But, I’d like give homage to my Uncle Ray , Marine Special Forces , who came back from 2 tours and ended up getting killed a few years later by a crazy ex GF with a bullet to his head thru his front window, hopefully she died in prison for that

    And to my Grandpa Bob, that served as Communications on Utah Beach WW2.. he made it back, and Died recently( 3 years ago) 2 weeks after My Grandma Gladys died ..she was his world

    we love you.( from my family to yours)

    I have many friends that served, and I always thank our vets when I see them, I make a point of it.

    with what is going on in this country and others these days .. all I can say is
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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