12 thoughts on “Village Idiot

  1. Word has been passed that the people of Martha’s Vinyard don’t want O’Boma there. I wonder why that is? Probably because he distrupt’s the entire island with road blocks, swat police, secret service and the rest of them, just so he can play a round of golf and eat some Lobsta.

    1. People are growing weary of this clown’s circus antics. I heard the DC Red Lobster doesn’t want his business.

    2. Back in the day…I was on the 16th hole of the West Course at Andrews AFB…I looked up to hit my approach shot…and I noticed blue-clad men and woman spreading out on the course..several heading my way… …they identified themselves as Secret Service and informed me that I “needed to leave”…It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience…so I didn’t complain…(I worked at Andrews AF Base and had received a tour of Air Force One)…but then I watched Bush-the-Elder fly in on two Marine One Helo’s…(security?) and then they warmed up, hitting a couple dozen balls onto the fairway….and waited for a couple of Senators, etc. and then they were off on their round of $350,000 golf…and that would have been in town…near DC…!

      I told my family years ago…about the degree of corruption…but everyone laughed at me…co-workers…people at parties…brothers and sisters…but look at the pattern of corruption…and it has been around for decades…back in the 80’s…my boss, who had been around in government for 33 years..he told me in a meeting… …because I refused to re-package out-of-date Burger-King Whopper Meat..and sell it to Japanese Locals…he told me they would get me, come after me..make things up about me…harass me…and for two decades..and more..they have done that…

      How long will it take before we form a Grand Jury and start indicting, convicting and hanging these people?


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  2. Lawn flamingos depicted the presence of those practicing the worlds oldest profession, do you suppose he’s coming out? ……. Now, expose the CIA & Evergreen Air for polluting our atmosphere with toxic chemicals……Continue to fight for freedom, Liberty, Truth & Justice

  3. No VPL (visible panty line).

    Please Mr. B … put some underwear on. We don’t want to see your butt crack or anything else for that matter.

    . . .

  4. Best of all, the press was allowed only one photo op on the first hole.
    Dear ruler triple bogied!!
    All the theatrics to miss a 15 ft put. What a worthless putz!

  5. That PHOTO is what we in the METAL HARD CORE INDUSTRY Call

    “A POSER.”

    Most posers I know died a death of METH. Is Obama a meth addict?

    1. Perhaps pharmaceutical meth maybe I think so he could say that it is a legaly prescribed medication by his doctor. We all do know that he is a crack head though. 🙂

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