Oct 31, 2020

Come with us as we take you on our quest to go behind the scenes with Nitro Harley drag racers to learn how these fearless competitors do what they do and avoid crashes and explosions. At the 2020 NHRA Finals in Las Vegas we step into the pit areas of talented and fearless Mickey Thompson Top Fuel Harley racers newly crowned champion Randal Andras, first time supercharged Nitro Harley racer Tony Ruggiero, Greg Justice racing alongside his Pro Stock Motorcycle racer wife Katie Justice, Fast Canadian Mike Scott, bold and young Ryan Perry, the legend and ringleader Jay “The Bulldog” Turner, veteran Rickey “Sharky” House and two time defending champion out of team Spevco and Samson Tii Tharpe.

We take a look at the Nitro Harley startup procedure and ask former, soon to return, racer Mike Lehman why it’s so important to blow the bikes out. We also see a big Mickey Thompson drag slick changing session and get a hammer thrown at us by former racer Mark Conner, who is known to be a bit moody. We also show you some awesome runs and meet a lot of great friends along the way. Make sure to share this video with an fast motorcycle or Harley Davidson fan.

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