Viral Video Shows Man Spitting Into Sweet Tea Before Putting it Back on Shelf

Summit News – by Paul Joseph Watson

Yet another video has emerged showing someone tampering with food in a grocery store, this time featuring a man spitting into a jug of sweet tea and placing it back on the shelf.

As we have highlighted, despite the threat of 20 year prison sentences, numerous videos have emerged showing young people licking ice cream and putting back in the freezer.

Now another clip has emerged showing a man wearing a hat looking around before spitting into a carton of Arizona Sweet Tea and walking away.

The video has already racked up nearly 4 million views on Twitter alone having originally been posted on Reddit.

Apparently, the individual’s identity was discovered and – imagine my shock – he’s a big leftist.

“They found this creep and I don’t want to shock anyone but… he’s another leftist,” tweeted Robby Starbuck. “Leftism destroys respect and societal norms at a very basic level. Then like this guy’s recent posts they go on to complain about July 4th celebrations as if that’s what’s hurting our country…”

At least when people were eating Tide Pods, they were only endangering themselves.

Some grocery stores are making customers show ID and one has even been forced to have cops guard an ice cream freezer in response to the fad.

This once illustrates how people’s sheer desperation for 15 minutes of Internet fame is causing them to behave in increasingly disgusting ways.

Social media was a mistake.

6 thoughts on “Viral Video Shows Man Spitting Into Sweet Tea Before Putting it Back on Shelf

  1. Apparently we have too much “food” that is easy to get. So these fags have no respect for it.
    On a side note the chemicals used should not be considered food.

  2. So this is the new fad now? Pulling disgusting pranks at stores or in public areas?

    Have we digressed so low as individuals as to go back to third world country child-like behaviors?

    What’s next? Stealing toilet paper from public restrooms? Cleaning a drinking fountain with a mop? Taking a bath in a public water fountain area? Having a baby shit on a napkin in the middle of a McDonald’s Dining area while everyone is eating? All of which I have seen in China, mind you.


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