8 thoughts on “Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Moral Obligation To Fight Tyranny

  1. Well (a very deep subject) these folks are only scratching the tip of the ice berg. (Oy Vey!)

    The 2nd amendment hmmm. Well they need an education on the Bill of Rights as the document contains the 10 articles of our FREEDOM. While the 2nd article is as important as the other 9 most people are not familiar with the mechanics of the other 9 and how all 10 work together. Also these people for the most part are CLUELESS as to who is behind the assault on the Bill of Rights. All here are painfully aware of who is behind the attack. I guess it’s a start but they mostly focus on the 2nd article only and many seem to be easily pacified and accept bans on firearms they don’t own.

  2. Couldn’t miss the Trump hat and…
    Praise for those who fight Israel’s wars?!!
    Says our framers gave us “the gift of liberty.” Does that mean that had they not been born I would not have liberty? Rhetorical question.
    One foot in/one foot out.
    Bill of Rights removes those who place obstacles (current government) to freedom


  3. I’m so gwad she mentioned Anne Fwank at the end, I wonder if she ever wed the Diarrhea of Anne Fwank. I’n sure this bwave wady can help you citizens to keep America gwate!!!
    Semper Fallus goys!!!

    …coming honey… I gotta go now, my husband Jim is calling…
    Barney Fwank

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