Virginia School Tells Students to Quit Flying “Offensive” US Flags from Vehicles — So the Next Day Students Form Caravan of Vehicles Flying US Flags

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

A high school principal told his students not to fly the US flag from their vehicles anymore when they drove to school — It was offensive.

This is the disgusting garbage they are teaching kids in public schools these days.

So the Virginia high school students formed a caravan of vehicles with US flags when they drove to school the next day.

Via Todd Starnes.

Via Law Enforcement Today:

When students at Franklin County High School in Virginia were told they could not fly the American flag from their trucks because it might be offensive – they did what any red-blooded American teenager would do: they flew the flag anyway.

The staff at broke the story about this school in the area east of Roanoke and Christiansburg, where the flags displayed behind trucks have become a target for school administrators.

Earlier this week, an administrator at the Virginia school reportedly told several students that they could no longer fly Old Glory on their trucks because it was potentially “offensive” and “disruptive.”

Franklin County High School students showed up in unity on Tuesday displaying American flags on their vehicles after an administrator allegedly told them to remove them. Several local residents posted photos of the caravan driving through town with Old Glory waving in the breeze.

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