Virginia State Trooper killed during drug investigation

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. – Virginia State Trooper Lucas B. Dowell was killed when someone inside a home fired a weapon at police executing a search warrant during a drug investigation. The person who killed Trooper Dowell was shot and killed by police.

Dowell was killed while helping the Piedmont Regional Drug and Gang Task Force search a home on Cumberland Road, near Farmville, Monday night, according to police.  

“The Tactical Team had made entry into the residence shortly before 10 p.m. Monday when an adult male inside the residence began shooting at them.The Tactical Team members returned fire, fatally wounding the male suspect,” a Virginia State Police spokesperson said.

The man’s name has not yet been released. He was home alone at the time, police said.

The troopers who shot at the man were placed on administrative leave, per Virginia State Police policy, during the investigation.

Trooper Dowell was taken to Southside Community Hospital in Farmville where he died.

A Virginia State Trooper since 2014, Trooper Dowell is survived by his parents and a sister.

“This is an extremely difficult day for the State Police,” Colonel Gary T. Settle, Virginia State Police Superintendent, said. “We are humbled by Lucas’ selfless sacrifice and grateful for his dedicated service to the Commonwealth. He will forever be remembered by his State Police Family for his great strength of character, tenacity, valor, loyalty and sense of humor.”

Trooper Dowell was assigned to the Virginia State Police Appomattox Division and patrolled Lynchburg, Amherst County, and Campbell County. He was also on the Appomattox Division Tactical Team.

3 thoughts on “Virginia State Trooper killed during drug investigation

  1. Tit for tat
    One for one

    Not really bad odds

    But if I were a cop I would say the odds suck
    Because the suspicion got them both killed

    That’s really a stupid way to die and a dumb reason to put your life in jeapordy, a suspicion ?
    Yeah Fck yer job pal

    Like how bad could it get if it were just left alone ?
    Pig would still be alive and same with the guy they illegally murdered because of a suspicion

    That’s really fcked in the head if you think about it

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