Virginia takes first step on gun ban

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

Despite a continued explosion of “gun sanctuaries” in nearly every corner of Virginia, the new Democratic-controlled legislature on Friday took the first step to ban sporting rifles, large-capacity magazines, and suppressors.

In a 12-9 vote, the House Public Safety Committee voted to ban “assault weapons” such as the popular AR-15 and AK-47, magazines that hold more than 12 rounds, and sound suppressors, effective July 1.

The bill is expected to win passage in the full House of Delegates but faces some difficulty in the Senate, where a handful of Democrats are unsupportive. A similar bill in the Senate was previously withdrawn.

Gun advocates flooded the committee hearing room and were cleared out after the vote when there were some angry reactions.

The legislation was amended so that those who own the banned weapons would not have to give them up or register them, but the ban on big magazines and suppressors would stand.

Phil Van Cleave, who runs the influential Virginia Citizens Defense League, the group that recently sponsored a peaceful gun rally in Richmond that drew 22,000 people, said, “This bill would affect our right to defend ourselves.”

He added that VCDL lawyers were already drawing up a lawsuit for if it clears the Senate and is signed by Gov. Ralph Northam, a gun control advocate.

Catherine Mortensen, the spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, said: “This gun ban will make millions of law-abiding Virginians felons overnight while doing nothing to decrease crime. That’s why a majority of Virginians oppose it. The fact is lawmakers delayed bringing up this bill so they could pander to Mike Bloomberg, their billionaire benefactor who will be in Richmond next week to headline a Democratic fundraiser to further enrich themselves. It is clear that House leaders would rather bow to out-of-state interests than listen to their constituents and fellow lawmakers.”

Next week, Democratic presidential candidate Bloomberg is visiting Virginia. He and his anti-gun groups funded several Democrats who won their elections last year and helped to give the party control of the legislature.

Democrats have wanted a gun ban ever since last year’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach that killed 12.

But gun owners have pushed back, establishing “gun sanctuaries” in 141 counties and cities.

7 thoughts on “Virginia takes first step on gun ban

  1. And these are the very same police officers that would never go after your guns, right? So folks in Virginia, now that the fruits of all that protesting and redressing of government didn’t work, whatcha going to do now? Asking for a friend.

  2. These retards licked the cops boots and worshiped the ground they walked on but are now finding out the hard way that guess what? Cops aint your friends, they are the baby rapers in the night coming to slit your throat while you sleep! Time to go moose hunting.


    your soul revealed itself a traitor
    and on your hands is tyranny
    your faces lit with darkened wit
    your brains bereft of sanity

    no part you play in liberty
    no role that shows your dignity
    on virgin life you spill your strife
    disarming incrementally

    the ghost of Patrick Henry comes
    and to your nights brings dark unease
    for you have pleased the god of force
    and tainted freedom’s sacred soul
    wherein each moment none is held
    under the will of any other

    shame is on your dreadful ways
    you leave your people unprotected
    you take from them what is ever theirs
    which yet they keep beyond your laws
    beyond your dictates, outside your doors
    free men ever walking free
    no hold have you on them or me



  4. Repugnant to the Bill of Rights

    Round these commies up and line them up against the wall of justice

  5. “Every gun owner needs to register to vote.”

    Admittedly, the Virginia corporation is committing an unlawful act, a violation of the superior law. There is nothing to vote about. To apply your strawman endorsement to this unlawful rogue system through your stawman vote is complicity with treason.
    The 2nd Article is not a civil right. It is absolute unchangeable ratified law, not a f-king privilege granted to a 14th Amendment citizen subject by a corporation, created and operating in violation of the law.
    This is just another corporate buffer between the attack on the people and the lawless corporations attacking. To participate in this fraud in any way is to lend it legitimacy where none can exist. This is not a corporate issue. This is the people enforcing the people’s superior law, which is, “You try to take my gun and I will kill you.” The gun is not for hunting or target practice.
    The 2nd Article is to put down the exact corporate insurgency we are seeing in Virginia, violently, as these criminals have, in violation of the law, removed the peaceful means for prosecuting their treason by removing our common law courts. This is nothing more than another declaration of war against the individual free sovereign for the united States of the Americas, that these unlawful communist federal state county and municipal corporations are seeking to subjugate, using their private blackwater military insignia wearing corporate enforcers they call police, who have declared they can kill us without consequence.
    Our true founders were men who fought and died to make our absolute right, absolute unchangeable ratified law. They declared no authority could ever exist to violate the 9th and 10th Articles as an avenue to remove the entire body of law that is our Bill of Rights and that if our right to petition, that is our common law courts were removed, which they have been, we were to take up our arms, by right, shoot the sons of bitches, and restore the people’s law and the people’s authority as individuals.
    F-k this guy. He knows he is a part of that very corporation that is the enemy. When someone declares war on you, the voting and the talking are over. We fight for our rights, or we surrender them. There is no middle ground.

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