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Volunteer for Pro-SB277 Senator Hospitalized after Vaccine

Infowars – by Telly Blackwood

A close friend of mine is struggling for his life after mysteriously coming down with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and a stroke after receiving a Tdap vaccine.

He is a former 7-year volunteer and nemesis of Dr. Richard Pan. In this video we venture to Sutter Roseville to hear what John has to say about Dr. Pan and SB277.


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58 Responses to Volunteer for Pro-SB277 Senator Hospitalized after Vaccine

  1. Mark Worsham says:

    Never thought I’d see an infowars link on FTTWR. Aside from that, I shall remain silent lest I stir up a hornets nest.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      It’s happened numerous times. Not as if we don’t all recognize the site for what it is, and it does occasionally put out useful info.

      This will be my only comment on this one, considering what’s below.

      Besides, I’m fried. Time for bed.

      • Alf the Obstinate says:

        Hey NWO Hatr, I am in a BLUE DREAM…I might try too get a little higher. Hope you had a good evening.
        No matter what happens……We are in this thing together! Take care…We are BOTH Oregonian’s now.
        Hope to see you some day.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    I’m not watching the video, because there’s no need to. This idiot is probably on his death bed because he was dumb enough to allow someone to inject poison into his arm.

    If he shot up his own heroin he at least would have enjoyed the high for a while, but instead he allowed people who want him dead to use him as a guinea pig, and he’s now paying the price for his stupidity.

    No one is sticking any needles into my arm, so what this idiot subjected himself to isn’t my concern. There are all kinds of crazy poisons an idiot can take. I’m not interested in any of them.

    • Alf the Obstinate says:

      Jolly Roger,
      You didn’t have your wife and mother of your children murdered by these people. Your SOUL is in the GUTTER! Don’t run your mouth when you don’t KNOW shit from SHINOLA…YOU ARE A DISGRACE PUNK! And MARK…Even Jones has a heart sometimes.

      • Jolly Roger says:

        Alf, everyone’s been warned for a decade that these vaccines were poisonous, but they decided to ignore common sense in favor of believing whatever they were told by their enemy, and jumped on the bandwagon to insult and belittle everyone who didn’t agree with the BS on the TV.

        I had a brother murdered by these people, and if my soul’s in the gutter, it’s been put there by putting up with this trash for thirty years, all because morons have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the tube, so yes, by this point in time, I’ve lost all sympathy for them.

        I’m not a “disgrace”. I’m the product of knowing reality for decades, and suffering for the stupidity of others. And remember this: You’re going to pay for that “punk” remark, because YOU don’t know shit from shinola.

        • Alf the Obstinate says:

          Make me PAY! Your brother wasn’t anymore precious than my wife…Anywhere close to PORTLAND? Glad to meet you!

        • Alf the Obstinate says:

          You have shown plenty of wisdom in the past. I lost my brother, wife, mother, 2 cousins and an uncle, plus my oldest daughter and my sister in law both had spontaneous abortions within seventy two hours of my wife’s death. Bury my mother fifty days before my wife, and see others that I loved die within months? I had to have my kids go to Vancouver to pick up my brother’s ashes…I just couldn’t take anymore…Today
          is a better day. We KNOW each other now.

          • Jolly Roger says:

            You don’t know me, and you don’t know what the f#@k you’re talking about. I don’t really give a shit who died, or who will.

            It’s real easy to shoot your mouth off like a tough guy on the internet, but you wouldn’t call me a punk to my face and live to tell about it, shithead.

          • Jolly Roger says:

            why don’t you send your address and photo to slicingthroats@yahoo.com, and if I’m ever in Portland I’ll be happy to split your kike head with a bat.

        • Alf the Obstinate says:

          I’ll bring some good brew as well. After we get in the right mood, let’s figure out what it’s going to take to stay alive in this crazy world. Guys like you and I, with our hackles raised might come in handy when the SHTF!!! There’s the real fight. The one too stay ALIVE…

    • Mark Worsham says:

      Jolly Roger, I agree. If you allow yourself or your loved ones to be poisoned, who’s to blame ? It all comes down to ” personal responsibility ” in my view . . .

  3. Alf the Obstinate says:

    I watched the Sutter Hospital system KILL my wife…They got lots of insurance money while they drugged her and slow killed her for 8.5 months! I will NEVER be the same! Her AUTOPSY was clean, but the death certificate said she died of cancer…Question? If they die of cancer, aren’t they supposed to have some in them, or do they just kill BOTH the PERSON and the CANCER at the same time?

    • Mark Worsham says:

      Key word is ” watched “, you failed to defend them. Bottom line.

      • Alf the Obstinate says:

        You are the son of a whore CHUMP! You DON’T KNOW what you’re talking about! You insult me and you’re glad my WIFE IS DEAD! ESAD PUNK! You can go pound sand…Oh! Wasn’t it you who has the invalid mother? Won’t you be glad when she’s dead too?

        • Mark Worsham says:

          I defied hospice and my mothers doctor ( Durable Power of Attorney ). Pulled her off pharmaceutical poison, substituted natural supplements, and given her strokes and dementia, she’s 100% better. I took action and exercised my power and control. Again, you failed. Accept your failure and take responsibility for your inaction. I’m not pleased about your loss, but it appears you are confused about the reality of the situation. Good luck with that. By the way, you may call me anything you like, I shall not lower myself, just don’t call me late for dinner . . .

          • Alf the Obstinate says:

            I am a master herbalist…You are a PUNK little SOCIOPATH! YOU ARE glad MY wife WHO was a high school teacher is dead. Come to PORTLAND and say that shit to my face punk…I will
            be glad to meet you anytime. I am over
            65, and will be glad to go bare knuckles. Your tough on a keyboard…Be glad to see your punk ass in person!

        • Millard says:

          Oh Yes! Let’s fight amongst ourselves. That’ll fix everything!

          • Alf the Obstinate says:

            You are talking with the sense that brought me to this site. These people have obviously not watched their partner die, bad decision or not. You are right! But how can ANYONE tell another person that they WATCHED their wife die? She’s gone…I loved her…My last word on this…It is too painful…My 4th now requires a 5th…

        • Jolly Roger says:

          I didn’t see any address or photo in my inbox, tough guy.

          I think you’re a stinking Jew who’s only here to cause trouble. I’m glad your retarded relatives are dead, so why don’t you go back to your bar stool and cry about them to another useless drunk?

          • Mark Worsham says:

            Do you know how to keep an asshole in suspense jr ? If not, by the end of the day you may learn, though I seriously doubt it . . .

          • Mark Worsham says:

            By the way, the asshole I’m referring to is YOU jr, stirring up shit ? I see you as counterproductive trash.

          • Henry Shivley says:

            I started to just take this thread down, but I thought it had been worked out.
            By rights, I should put Arf the Obstanent in spam for launching a personal attack against my brother in arms, Jolly Roger.
            One more f#@king word against Jolly will result in decisive action that you guys aren’t going to like.
            Jolly writes for this site and he has earned some f#@king respect.
            Your call.

    • Millard says:

      It could be that your insurance was too good. That’s what killed my Dad. His insurance was too good and he told them at the time they needed to cut his leg off, “I’ve had enough.” You get the extra special shit when you have good insurance and let me pose this question to you. What was the first question you were asked when you went to the hospital. Get it?

      • Alf the Obstinate says:

        That is exactly what happened! She had insurance through the school district where she taught, and I had much better insurance through my UNION…They put her on strong analgesics that caused bleeding in her Asophygus…She was operated on to stop the bleeding. The surgeon cut a nerve in her stomach, and then took out her stomach, and part of her colon to hide the mistake. It took quite a while to figure it out. I had to pay for an autopsy, and do some digging. I’m sorry about your dad…We can’t replace them, and memories are not like having them sitting and talking to us…

  4. Alf the Obstinate says:

    Oh! One more thing MARK…It took FIVE security officers WHICH included TWO ROSEVILLE cops to throw me out of that hospital, and I was no longer allowed to set foot on their property. My sons girl friend had to bring her home. You have a wife? Is she 46? Is she your life? Do you think she is stupid because she believed in what a doctor said. I tried to talk her out of the operation…It was he decision! Yeh, I WATCHED! She was obviously stupid, and dead…She got what she deserved BRO! Your pious BRO JOLLY JERK OFF said it, and you parroted it…JOLLY want a CRACKER! That’s what I am…A big cracker! AND, proud of it…

  5. Alf the Obstinate says:

    I have this too say. People make bad decisions every day…Sad story. But don’t try to smack someone in the face who has suffered enough with a KEYBOARD! Mark, I HOPE your mother gets up, and can walk ten miles for exercise…And Jolly, you SHOULD watch that video. That man is part of humanity. He should be helped, and not scorned. Millard is RIGHT…We should be doing EVERYTHING in our power to bring this travesty to the surface…We cannot let them win! I am sorry for offending anyone. I did not mean for it to go this far. AND, Millard, I am not using you as a proving ground. We need not give UP! Those that don’t seem too get it? Let’s try harder. NEVER GIVE UP! Mark and Jolly, we are on the same page, and it is frustrating! We see this crap every day, and it is escalating…We can hang together now, or hang separately later. We come here to learn about what is really going on! Let’s go as FAR as it takes too insure that more of our loved ones don’t end up dead because of a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Worsham says:


      I laid my father to rest 3/4/2012. I carried him physically for the last 2 weeks of his life before Large Cell Lung Cancer took him here in our home. I was with him. I watched, at age 18, my high school girl friend’s mother die of Lymphatic cancer. We were very close at the time. Collapsed spine, caved in skull. You get the picture. I am no stranger to death. I’ve had others die from various incidents. My mother will never walk again in this life. For her, it’s game over. You have no idea how much I miss taking her to dinner, watching her sew quilts, etc. Instead, I’ve learned to cook for her. Some days she doesn’t even know who I am, yet I change her diaper 2-3 times a day, clean her up as if she was my child, feed her, heal her in ways hospice had no clue, and handle the rest of the bullshit here. Even though she doesn’t know who I am sometimes, I will always care better for her than I do for myself.

      I am sorry for your loss. The living, it seems, grieve for the departed the most. However, at this stage of the game, to trust the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is a self-willed death sentence. All the data has been in the open for some time. I mean no offense, but goddamn it, it’s the truth.

      I do understand your frustration and pain, I carry it with me every waking moment, and it will NEVER leave me. Whether you choose to believe this or not. I won’t even speak of the love of my life in Canada, who’ve I’ve not been able to hold in my arms, gaze into her pretty eyes for over 3 years, because of an incident at the border with us in 2011, for which I insist she not go near there to keep her safe. I have made that sacrifice out of love.

      Save your knuckles and my chin, so I can save my ammunition for those who deserve it, and I don’t believe you qualify for that ranking.

      Find peace if you can Brother, the war is coming, and we’ll need you to stand with us.

      Remember this line from a Zep song:

      ” All that lives, is born to die ”

      BUT, that which dies is like an old car that quits running. The essence, or soul if you will, is much akin to the driver of said car. When our ” car ” quits, we open the door, get out, and go to where we should be.

      Have faith in the one true living God, for God is in EVERY living thing, and God is good . . .

      • Alf the Obstinate says:

        Mark, we have walked the same road…I have been aware of what you have said…You KNOW WHAT? If you were here right now, you would get a BIG hug! It just seems like this crap just keeps happening. We watch our loved ones slip away, and we try to help. I thought you were A1 from things you have said, and you definitely are. Sorry friend…If you ever get up this way, you have a place too stay…Jolly, same goes for you…This crap is so frustrating…Please!
        Let us just let this drop…It is easy too see that we have ALL been hurt…I am so sorry for all this pain we have had to deal with…I became an herbalist after the bastards nearly killed me! Then they killed my wife. We grieve together. I want too hear more from you guys! I saw this guy in the same hospital that did in my wife, and it FLOORED me. Pray that we aren’t led into temptation to HATE those we need the most…I grew up in the fifties and sixties…All I see now doesn’t seem like the same universe. I want you guys as my friend, and not my enemies. Let’s save our fervor to be ready when that time comes…WE WILL NEED EACH OTHER! The guy in the wheelchair just let us KNOW the REAL Richard Pan. A little late, but let’s spread it far and wide! I get it now…And I KNOW we need each other…GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

        • Mark Worsham says:

          Water under the bridge Brother Alf.

          Sometimes, the pain, anger, and frustration coalesce, and it’s like being a cornered rabid dog, and we lash out. It’s understandable in this luciferian matrix world. Believe me, I do understand.

          Have no fear. I will most likely die in this fight, and I’ve made my peace with that, but see my previous comment. If I could be the scape goat / catalyst to start this, I could not be more honored. Yet, only God knows the plan, because he designed it.

          It’s all good Alf. As one Jimi Hendrix once sang: ” Seeya in the next world, don’t be late “, But, I ain’t no voodoo child, exactly the opposite here. May God have mercy on us ALL !!!

          • Alf the Obstinate says:

            Thanks brother! I know what you are dealing with, having gone through it myself. Much LOVE your way! AND, if you need a sounding board, I will be here to listen…

        • Millard says:

          Alf, you’ve been posting on this site for some time so your a brother to me. You remind me of me. My wife died in my arms when she was 39. I’ve been pissed off ever since. 4 kids to raise, the youngest was 3 at the time, somehow, all my kids are doing good now. Now, I’ve looked at this comment thread more than once and you are entangled in the same rage I was, and, for that matter, still am in some ways. Believe me, I have had my fill, and, looking back, wish I would have found a different way to “let off some steam.” I only have the good Lord to thank for the time I have left. I pray the good Lord will help ease your pain and loss. Take care brother, Millard

          • Alf the Obstinate says:

            You are PRICELESS! I had 4 kids as well…39? mine was 46. Oh, my friend, we have been walking a close road. I love you brother. You are a good man.
            I always look forward to what you have to say…We have too feel for these people who are still living in the lie. No matter how OBSTINATE they are, WE can prevail! My 4th is COMPLETE!

      • Alf the Obstinate says:

        I write and record protest songs about the exact things we talk about…I have 2 albums that are recent.
        In fact, one of them was mixed yesterday. I would love to send you BOTH…I am sorry that we are all in this mess, and I KNOW that you mean well. You are doing for your mother as I had too do for my wife. It takes a STRONG person too do that. I hope this ATTABOY erases all my OH SHITS!

  6. sharon says:

    I went to the “doctor” the other day because I ran out of thyroid pills and they won’t give me anymore until I spend a lot of money for nothing and go through their stupid “six month checkup.” The water in Dallas probably destroyed my thyroid but we’ll never know for sure will we? Anyway, the only reason I am talking about this is because while I was there the assistant that asks you a lot of crap and types everything you say into the internet told me that now they have a yearly “depression screening” that all the patients are required to take. I told her that wouldn’t be happening and she just typed away. After she left the room I noticed a posting on the wall that said they now offer what they called the US Preventive Services Task Force (SUPSTF) yearly screening. This is government run and the main purpose as well as I can tell is to screen everyone for depression. I don’t need to tell anyone here what the real purpose of THAT is. They probably ask stuff like “have you every felt depressed or had thoughts of killing yourself” and if you say yes to ANYTHING it’s probably, “okay, you need to be on meds for it” And no doubt “oh BTW, do you own any guns?” Look it up folks. Life out there gets scarier every day and if you have a chronic condition that requires you get pills from them you are pretty much in deep shit. I never knew people with thyroid problems growing up NONE, now, just about every other woman I know has to be on thyroid pills. Not trying to take away from the topic but thought you all should be aware of this new attack on us. Oh, and not that I care for AJ but I heard this was going to happen on infowars a couple of years ago. I don’t trust AJ but sometimes you do get useful info from his site. It sucks when something he warns about ends up right in your face.

    • Alf the Obstinate says:

      There are some very good iodine products on the market. They deliver in micrograms, and work very well. I have three daughters all well over thirty, and they all have hypothyroid conditions, and these supplements help…Hyperthyroid problems are a whole different ball game…I can’t do conventional medicine anymore. They nearly put me down twenty five years ago…Now I do herbs, and diet. Try herbs
      2000.com, a very good website…Happy 4th…

      • sharon says:

        Thanks for the input. I went to a professional herbalist who charged me 300.00 to do blood work only to tell me that my thyroid is so far gone that I had to use the usual garbage the “doctors” give us. I hate it that there are no independent doctors anymore. They have been kicked out because they won’t join those stupid corporate mega chain clinics I guess. Everything is a corporate chain business anymore. Anyway, I ended up spending around 600.00 trying to get off conventional meds and go to herbal remedies instead only to end up right back where I started so I am a little nervous about trying it again. You say there are iodine products out there that can take the place of Synthroid and the like? How do I find them? That “herbalist” was useless. I also went to an Asian eastern medicine herbalist in Dallas and he ended up having me take around 60 pills a day altogether and I just CAN’T do that. Ugh!

        • Alf the Obstinate says:

          Wow…You have been spun one way too another…Herbalists can’t order blood work. A Naturopathic doctor can. Some of them will sell you antibiotics just like the doctors…I am an herbalist, and don’t believe in blood work, or any other thing that conventional medicine does…The remedies I mentioned are very inexpensive. Try using some of the herbs I mentioned, along with the iodine. They are inexpensive, and can be bought online for little expense…I will be glad to help you in any way I can…PEACE.

  7. Cleatus says:

    It seems this has stirred up deep
    Emotion. Millard is direct/correct in that infighting gets nobody anywhere. I can appreciate the intensity as I am going they a familial/medical situation. No one was “wrong” in there posts, only when threats/challenges are issued. JR has never said anything that I disagree with. Everyone here is usaually on point; and that can be painful at times but that is why this is such a great forum. Happy Independence Day and god bless our fellow patriots.

  8. Joe (Jstp) says:

    I’d like to say one thing to heal “just keep talking.”

    • Alf the Obstinate says:

      YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Let’s keep on keeping on…YO Joe. There are a lot of people that have a hard time when we have a holiday. We remember the times we had with each other. Then we go through a period where we lose some that are so close. Even worse, we see them slip away, sometimes slowly. You look in their eyes, and you know how much they want to live. You realize that you are limited in what you can do. Especially if the AMA got to them first…

      • Joe (Jstp) says:

        Amen brother, its a journey and we all have our path!!

        God bless

        • Alf the Obstinate says:

          A lot of water under the bridge…It’s good to have friends like the people here on this website. People here, I am finding out, have suffered WAY too much pain…God bless us all, and our KNUCKLES, that may be all we have left! GOD BLESS YOU TOO JOE!!!

  9. Alf the Obstinate says:

    On some websites, they have these punks that attack anyone they don’t agree with. I don’t believe that is the case here. Jolly, I am sorry I lost it…You should be my friend, and not FOE…You have losses, and so do I…We are much more alike than not…Do you live near PORTLAND? If not, and you come here, you will have a loving family too stay with. Oh, Mark…Same goes with you…You can know where I live…WE all need friends like you…

  10. Dorothy says:

    Sharon you might want to check out coconut oil to help your underactive thyroid
    I know a lady 89 years old that had success with coconut oil and exercise. She has been off medication for over 20 years and is doing fine. Soy is an endocrine disruptor and very bad for the thyroid. There are lists of foods that harm the thyroid on the net. Just some thoughts I hope they can help you.

    I am sorry for all the pain I see with this article. I two have lost dear friends that would not listen to reason and trusted the VA Hosp. Quacks and died. In the end they told me I was right but what good was it after it was too late.

    • Alf the Obstinate says:

      I use coconut oil regularly, and I take herbs daily…Coconut oil contains capric and caprylic acids, which kill candida. Hemp oil is LOADED with omega 3 in perfect balance with omega 6 and 9…Chia seed is an energy booster. Trace minerals are cheap, and are a must.
      Milk Thistle, Dandelion, and Yellow Dock are great for the liver and digestion…The cost is a couple of dollars a day at most. If you KNOW where to shop, the price drops considerably…Do YOU ever juice? Pure food, that digests perfectly…Carrot, beet, and celery are
      very powerful, and can arrest some of the most stubborn maladies.

    • sharon says:

      Thanks I will check out the site.

  11. Dorothy says:

    Alf, thank you I use and believe in all of that. I drink greasewood tea for gall stones in the ducts as the Quacks took out my gall bladder years ago but I still get the stones. It is wonderful tea with many uses and gather it free in the desert. If I had known about the tea I would not have needed that surgery. I was hours on the OR table with complications. Now I never go to Quacks for any check ups nor do I take their witches brew. Alf what do you think about Black Strap Molassis?

    • Mark Worsham says:

      May I interject ? Molasses is a good source of iron in a natural form.


      • TestPilotDummy says:

        I get my “emergency iron” from cranberry juice usually. Sometimes when I get that bent over stomach ache and it feels like intestines/kidney/whatever you call it lower left side.. For Long Term..I do the unsweetened 1/3 cup a day (to cut down cost since the cranberry juice is like $10 a bottle in todays world) To be fair if I am in pain I probably GUZZLE part of the bottle to begin with, and maybe even on the first couple DAYS GuZZLE it. Then 1/3 cup’s after that to keep the pressure on it to fade out. Like I said it has a SHELF LIFE and COSTS though.

        Usually in day or two whatever pain is gone. (this was for 50 years on my body, then with the STATIN I did for a small while (after my heart attack) this became EXTREMELY important to kill the side effect pain of that statin – which I ended up dropping–also needed coq10 but I digress that whole show was a STATIN nightmare.. and in the past

        Also someone was talking about JUICING Beets and Carrots.

        I started doing that after seeing some video on youtube cause I got a rca stent now and it said you can reduce your chance of heart attack by 90% or something lol… My is different though. From YOURS…

        1 ea. Beet (red or Gold)
        1 ea. Carrot
        1 ea. Apple (Prefferably with a 9 or aka Organic Red Apples) I Live near Apple Hill / From Sac down below and I Drive up there anyway.

        So I started Juicing this set. Cause I knew they are easy to drink down if you are used to juicing crazy stuff. But I Have graduated to eating them raw each day, only if I Have some problem like mouth cut or you know something that makes it a pAIN to eat like biting your tongue. The other reason is SPEED. Want to get them down fast. But I need to backup.

        When I Say JUICE.. When I started with a Juiceman jr juice machine (seperating all the pectin and pith and fiber form the fluid/sugars/nutrients.) At FIRST I didn’t even LIKE beets, and the advice of people around me was to eath those yucky plastic wrapped i dunno what you call it.. Horrible yuck. Not to mention they have a EARTHY taste. But I have grown to tolerate it, and I notice some can even burn my throat. (We talking about beets here) The golden ones are just as good as the RED and I read they have the same goodies/nutrients inside so we’re rocking if all you got is fresh golden beets. Both type have burned my throat. Kind of like if you were vaping–that effect on your throat–it’s doing something–I dunno what. Also it’s ANNOYING, but not the end of the world. THink,,, I am motivated in my diet by DEATH.. lol

        But AFTER I graduated to Eating them RAW (Like I eat them today, RAW from the ground)
        , I Used the Ossiciser/VITAMIX (whatever you call them they just GRIND is all, no seperation) to juice them cause I want that fiber, pith, and pectin IN the food + the Morning get out the door SPEED/missing teeth/bit tongue whatever. USE THE JUICE MACHINE right…

        Just remember I EAT them RAW preferably priority #1, and if I can’t do it raw (Peeled and sliced), then I start other ways, and osciciser/vitamix is one method, Juice machine jr could be used but PROBABLY WONT cause we want the whole veggie/fruit. And then those Beets in plastic bags would be LAST on the list. (I think I got this straight now, we aren’t JUICING these three foods each day)

        MY weight is normal and Steady for quite some time now. If I wasn’t tied to Drug eluded stent drugs (And not the STATIN which I Stopped after BAD PAIN) I would be off for the deep woods again–yeah this soon after heart attack. But these other three drugs right now, they make me COLD and other weird stuff sometimes. it’s horrible, eat well avoid STENTS and heart attacks. Only that my diet and exercise am I doing fairly well, I think they just give statin like robots cause most people just continue to stuff their mouth with sugar, flour, alcohol, and crap. I don’t desire sodas, sweets, breads as much with this set of three foods going in my mouth each day.

        These three were ADDED to my current diet/nutrition goal/vision. You counting the carbs, then count them and squeze something else on your list out.

        This kit of three, It doesn’t cure chronic pain. But if you WEIGH less/Weight NOrmal– it will lessen it

        This stuff is MY OPINION I am human

        God bless

        • Alf the Obstinate says:

          You are on the right track. If you have heart problems, take cayenne, ginger, and garlic with horsetail grass and Hawthorn berry.
          A quarter teaspoon of 100,000 heat unit cayenne can stop a heart attack when placed under the tongue…Keep doing what you are doing. You are on the right track…

      • Alf the Obstinate says:

        You are right on. Yellow Dock is a super source of iron as well…They all work together…

    • Alf the Obstinate says:

      Old Plantation black strap molasses is about the best. However, you can get ORGANIC black strap from other sources. It is a SUPERFOOD. Mix with CHIA seed and put it on a good sprouted whole grain bread, and get a REAL rush. The stones can be nullified by taking cayenne, ginger, and garlic along with HORSETAIL GRASS. This will also help with Osteoporotic spurring, and plaque in the blood vessels…Horsetail grass is loaded with silica, which is essential too absorb calcium. Organic apple cider vinegar works well as a precursor to get the most of these SUPERFOODS…Himalayan salt is great for minerals. It is often called pink salt…Trace minerals GALORE…

  12. cybro says:

    Makes me wonder what’s going to happen once CA starts pumping kids full of mandatory poisons.

    • Alf the Obstinate says:

      I have three daughters in California…One of them is home schooling
      already. I figure the others will soon be also…My youngest will soon turn thirty five. My wife and I didn’t take the kids down for shots, and after the dozens of shots that I had in the army, I had pneumonia twice within a couple of months. So much for being a lab animal…This is a hot button issue like no other, because it is the loss of parental rights. This is the foundation of the family. People are waking up in droves, and the day is coming when awareness will tip the scale. We can’t judge people for falling for this scam. This fellow in the video can no longer live a normal life, and I am so glad that Dorothy put it up, even if it descended into
      what it did. Compassion for others, even when we don’t agree with them is a good thing. Too just say they deserve what they got is the wrong way to go. Big pharma sells, and they won’t give up, and neither will we. I have too say I am not a Jew, or a troll, because someone likes to hate someone who made a bad choice, and ended up in a wheel chair. Spread this video far and wide…It may wake somebody up that you know…

  13. Alf the Obstinate says:

    To the moderator,
    My wife did die under the Sutter care system. She was afraid. She was bleeding internally…This is not about stupid. My wife had a masters degree in teaching. It was what she loved. My four children watched their mother die a slow death. It tore us apart. Seeing this guy suffering as he IS, made me feel ill. He is trying to make a statement about what he is going through. Regardless of whether he is stupid or not, is not the issue. His is a cry for help…The last thing he needs is to be mocked. Naive people’s lives matter.

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