Volunteers help homeless prepare for dangerously cold temps

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CHICAGO — The extreme drop in temperatures can be quite dangerous, and potentially life-threatening, especially for the city’s most vulnerable population.

Volunteers from Chi Gives Back were near Roosevelt Road and Des Plaines Avenue Monday evening to provide food, blankets and propane tanks to people in need. 

“We live in the United States of America,” Jermeka Holmes, a volunteer, said. “The homeless problem should not be to this magnitude.”

Jermaine Nelson has lived in a tent city in the suburb for the past five months. He said it’s not easy, but the help of the volunteers is making it possible.

Volunteers are also reminding people that a warming center and homeless shelter not far away, even though they know many will choose to stay out in the cold. Warming centersare open and available to those experiencing homelessness throughout Cook County.


“This is what they have, where they have their freedom,” one volunteer said. “It’s not for us to judge them, but for us to make sure that they’re OK.”

There was one couple, who did not want to speak on camera, who did not even have a tent. They only had the blankets provided to them by the volunteers.

Volunteers said they will check up on them again on Tuesday.

Last year, more than 5,400 people in Chicago were living on the streets or in shelters. However, advocates say the number is much higher, with not enough help for the mentally ill for for anyone living out on the streets.

Anyone in need of assistance should call the city’s 311 system.


8 thoughts on “Volunteers help homeless prepare for dangerously cold temps

  1. People taking care of people…..without any commie ‘permit’…..that lady hit it when she stated ‘The homeless problem should not be to this magnitude.”

    1. Especially since we are paying top dollar to aid the foreign invasion and provide large screen TVs, rec rooms, doctors, dentists, food, shelter, and eventually a plane ticket and a pocket full of money to go where ever they want to go.
      If I ever became filthy rich, I would go across this country showing these people what has been done to them, arming them, and building an army that would be fighting for something of true value, freedom and liberty and the right to their heritage.

      1. And if I ever became filthy rich I’d give it to you for you to do just that…..I’d be right behind ya handing out the books and the CD

        1. I’m comin’, too. Chief cook and bottle-washer here. And I’ll put good stuff in those bottles, for evenings ’round the campfire, when the days work is done and we saw a few thousand more people fall in love with The Bill of Rights.



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