Vote the Criminals Out?

Sunland Park, New Mexico is making the national news as voter fraud in a local election has been exposed and the perpetrators have been arrested and are facing prosecution.  I guess this would be considered a good thing.  If so, the question would have to be asked, why is election fraud in a small town in New Mexico all important, while state election fraud, which is in reality national election fraud as the crime being committed, state by state, is the result of a national poll to determine who the GOP candidate will be, is being ignored.

Has there been evidence of voter fraud in literally every state where a primary or caucus has taken place?  Yes. Are there witnesses?  Yes.  Is there hard evidence, as in documents?  Yes.  Are there citizens willing to file complaint? Absolutely.  Are there any real investigations of these crimes?  Nope.  Will anybody go to jail as a result of this voter fraud?  Absolutely not.

In reporting the story from Sunland Park, New Mexico, a lot was made to do over the fact that every time an illegal vote is cast, a legal voter is disenfranchised.  So why is this such a big deal in a little town and ignored on the grand scale?  Well I guess it is just like every other crime, international gun running, international drug running, illegal immigration, and international bank fraud.

The so called authorities go out and bust a few people committing these crimes on a small scale and say, “See, we enforce the law.”  And then big time criminals commit their crimes right out in the public’s face and go completely unmolested.  When the public cries, “What’s being done about these crimes?” the news media drags out the footage of the little arrests for the little crimes and says, “Here is what we are doing.”

This is a sick game and it goes on and on, year after year, without pause.  Take note:  millions of illegal aliens will be voting in the 2012 election and this crime will take place right out in the open for all to see.  Then when the disfranchised citizenry cries out in righteous indignation, the expert commentators will come forth and say, “There have only been a few reports of voter fraud and these have been in small town local elections like the Sunland Park Mayoral race and the crimes have been prosecuted.”

This outrage being committed upon the citizens of the United States cannot be stopped until we remove the criminals who are in charge.  And I don’t think we are going to be able to do that through the ballot box…..well, for obvious reasons.

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