Waiting for answers: a community copes with babies’ deaths

Published on Dec 12, 2015 by seattletimesdotcom

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TIMES WATCHDOG | Sally Garcia’s daughter Maria lived only 55 minutes due to a fatal birth defect that is occurring at a high rate in central Washington. She is one of more than 40 mothers who have lost babies to a rare and deadly birth defect in three Central Washington counties since 2010, but the cause remains unknown. Why haven’t health officials done more to find answers? (Erika Schultz, Lauren Frohne & JoNel Aleccia / The Seattle Times)

For more, visit: http://seati.ms/birth-defects
En Español: http://seati.ms/defectos-congenitos

One thought on “Waiting for answers: a community copes with babies’ deaths

  1. “… but the cause remains unknown.’

    Someone knows…

    … but they ain’t talkin’.

    Something new in the flu ‘vaccines’ possibly?

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