“Wake up All China Citizen !!” she said

Koreana Jones

Feb 15, 2020

“wake up All China Citizen !!” she said about her situation. we’ve seen few Courageous people in China, and now we are watching another woman.

11 thoughts on ““Wake up All China Citizen !!” she said

  1. Thanks for posting this, Joe. Hers is the urgent voice of warning.

    So much will still don’t know/understand. Some people are so certain about the facts of this, but I am not. I see video after video like this one, heart-wrenching, with soooooo many Chinese people experiencing epic suffering. It’s a horror to watch –> the communism that always pours vinegar in the wound. And have we a Samson Option here? If ever I wanted something to run its course, THIS IS IT!! And yeah, it CAN happen here.



  2. She is brave and she is not going crazy. To the contrary she is sane. She is angry. She is more alive and aware than most right here in my area. This $hit is going to end because it has to. I hope this gets millions of views and leads many to take action against the oppressors.

  3. The words of the silenced have been written on the wall
    For all us to see, now it’s time to stand tall
    Brave American Nationals are all the world’s got
    With the remains of their freedom, they must not miss a shot
    No infighting now, as the window soon closes
    To throw out the tyrants who annoint themselves chosen

  4. That’s what happens in a corrupt Communist regime. Also, you’re gonna be seeing more of this as cabin fever hits an all time high. Everyone will be going crazy in some way shape or form and the government will blame it on the virus or cabin fever. Typical.

  5. Tick tock, that us soon….let’s get this shit over with…this is what we have to look forward too..

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