4 thoughts on “wake up the United States police trained in Israel order out of chaos the Zionist plan

  1. I did not view the video. I am commenting based on the headline. I know the Israeli training went into full force after 9/11. ‘Anti-terrorism’ training it was called. A long time friend of one of my brothers was a police sergeant in Chitcago at the time. The instructor was emphasizing the necessary action of shooting anyone that even ‘looked’ suspicious. ‘M’ (my brother’s friend) was outraged and expressed that to the instructor. This was a man that had 15 or so years in the CPD and worked a gang crimes unit in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago and in all those years he nor any of those under his direction EVER shot anyone.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I made the connection years ago and it was later confirmed. So many people don’t know this. I hope that it becomes common knowledge because it needs to become well known!

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