Wal-Mart Now Offering Face Shields To Un-Masked Shoppers

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The mask fanatics are getting more aggressive and assaulting, and even murdering, non-maskers nationwide. In CA an insane masked woman threw hot coffee in a guy’s face who was simply eating lunch with his friend. Another insane obese masked couple was caught on video assaulting shoppers in Wal-Mart. A masked woman in a supermarket screamed “I HOPE YOU ALL DIE!” to a young mother with little children last week. My friend in San Francisco was accosted by a maniacal masked freak in an elevator a few days ago. He caught it on video. I had a Fosters Freeze shake-maker tell me she has a right to all my private medical info 3 days ago. A Los Angeles security guard has been charged with murder for killing a grocery store customer for not wearing a mask. These masked maniacs are getting completely out of control.

I had an interesting experience here in Walmart in Southern California yesterday. As usual I went in unmasked, and the mask Ambassador accepted it but she seemed to be resentful about it. About 20 minutes later a very polite young hispanic American gentleman approached me and identified himself as an assistant Walmart manager. He asked me if I would like a face shield instead of a mask in order to comply with their rules.

I proceeded to tell him I have a medical exemption and that I have already been allowed in. I added that I have been to Wal-Marts across the country, which have all complied with their policy to honor exemptions. [See Entry Into Wal-mart Without A Mask (Videos) and Day 2: Going Into Wal-Mart Without A Mask, Nebraska (Video).]

Yet he continually persisted to try to insist that I wear a face shield, which they would provide.

(From a practical and hygienic standpoint, I imagined whether the face shield would be wrapped and unopened, or who would touch it in the process of getting it to me.)

I actually had the Walmart web page already open on my phone just in case of such a situation and I showed the manager what it actually says:

“We know it may not be possible for everyone to wear a face covering. Our associates will be trained on those exceptions to help reduce friction for the shopper and make the process as easy as possible for everyone.”
Link: https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2020/07/15/a-simple-step-to-help-keep-you-safe-walmart-and-sams-club-require-shoppers-to-wear-face-coverings

I pointed out that governor Newsom’s rules for retail stores, issued on 7/2/20 which Wal-Mart is purportedly following, state very clearly that no business is allowed to exclude anyone without a face mask:

“Businesses that are open to the public should be cognizant of the exemptions to wearing face coverings in the CDPH Face Covering Guidance and may not exclude any member of the public for not wearing a face covering if that person is complying with the guidance. Businesses will need to develop policies for handling these exemptions among customers, clients, visitors, and workers.”
Link: https://covid19.ca.gov/pdf/guidance-retail.pdf

Once I mentioned the governor’s retail ‘rules,’ he then changed his rationale, did a 180 degree ‘flip-flop,’ and claimed that he was merely following ‘Corporate policy.’ (I would guarantee that one of Wal-Mart’s primary vows it to comply with all federal, state and local guidelines, which he did not mention, since it was now inconvenient.)

At that point I informed the manager that this exchange is getting increasingly unpleasant, which his own corporate website claims you want to avoid, so I informed him that I am finished, I’d like to simply finish my shopping in peace, and that I’m not wearing a face mask or a face shield. He accepted it and walked away.

Last week i went into a Wal-Mart and the mask Ambassador did not even mention masks. Since he was very nice, polite and normal , I’m not going to say where this was, because I wouldn’t want him to get into trouble with his bosses.


11 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Now Offering Face Shields To Un-Masked Shoppers

  1. Went into WM today, walked right in. No one by the entrance. Followed a gal who went in with no mask on. I immediately followed her to her destination which was the produce area, then I said, ” So you’re allergic to tyranny too, huh?” We hit it off and exchanged means to continue to communicate. Also, went into HEB, grocery store which I have not been into for about 7 weeks. Walked in then the lady with the mask box offered me one, I said, no, I don’t need one, she asked again, and I said, no, I’m not wearing a mask, then she asked if my daughter wanted one, so I said to daughter do you want one, she says, no. Then the lady said will you at least take one with you so they know I offered one, I then said, no. Then I looked at her name tag, got her name and told her if anyone asked I’d let them know you offered a mask to me twice, then went on my way shopping amongst the masked. It was actually pretty weird, I felt invisible, not in a bad way, but almost like I was a visitor from another planet yet no one seemed alarmed that I didn’t look like them. Ok, strange, I know.

    1. “It was actually pretty weird, I felt invisible, not in a bad way, but almost like I was a visitor from another planet yet no one seemed alarmed that I didn’t look like them. Ok, strange, I know.“

      Yep! I know that feeling too, Katie. I feel like that too when I’m not wearing a mask and go into a store. It feels good to be a rebel like that.

      The other day at work, we had this guy come in to install new scanners and he was wearing this whole tear gas mask on his face and us employees were not even wearing masks. It almost felt like we were in a nuclear facility and we were infected with a disease or immune to radiation and this guy wasn’t. Kinda insulting to us but also kinda pathetic for him.

    1. It is, believe me. Just getting in the fkg place is work. Make you do all this unnecessary walking.


  2. I’m glad some people are having some victories out there in terms of the mask issue. I wish I’d witness more of that. Today in the grocery store a Karen was waving her index finger at a guy she thought wasn’t wearing his mask properly. While finger-waving she said, “You have to cover up better at the nose.” I could see the guy was irritated at her intrusion. He chose to ignore her and she repeated what she said to the checker, who also ignored her. I couldn’t help mumbling fk you, fk you. And then…

    Someone I thought knew better took a 180 and is now buying into the hoax. Full-on Fear Brigade. It’s not easy to lose an ally. Damn the programmers/brainwashers; they’re hittin’ hard. But yesterday…

    Thank God, I met one that could see. At the park. It was life, and humans, and connection. Thank God!! The glass is half full again.


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