Walk Hard – ‘Those Jews control show business…’

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  1. morris adams says:

    i know that we all know everything is Joo’d up… but seriously, you all should take an hour ‘n half break from life and watch this movie. it is very funny. don’t read into just enjoy the comedy. it’s not filthy like so many of ’em these days, it has its moments, lotta sexual situation overtones and stuff and drug use. oh it’s stupid but overall a very funny entertaining break from reality. enjoy!

    • mary in TX says:

      agree! was funny

    • galen says:

      You’re right, Morris, this is a highly unusual film, kind of a sleeper film. Where was it hiding all these years? I started watching it last night and will watch the second half tonight. It took me a while to get the feel of it, the intent, and then I realized it plays like parody/satire, with some scenes actually making me laugh out loud. I may just have to watch it twice since there are so many allusions and parallels to other musicians that I may have missed some. I really like John T. Reilley, such a versatile, dig-deep kind of actor. With his character in the film it’s sort of a love/hate from me ’cause he’s so likeable and you want him to succeed, but you also want him to be a good father/husband. We’ll see how it turns out. As for some of the wilder scenes (sex, drugs, rock’n’roll), I’m sure glad that as a young person, I knew when to walk away, get out of dodge. Freedom has some scary highways.


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