Walker’s Capitol Police Arrest Teenager, Grannies, & Sitting Councilman for Being in Same Place

Look at the arrogance of the Capital Stasi. At the seven second mark is a sign held up by a capital cop saying,



Wisconsin is now clearly a POLICE STATE.


Published on Aug 15, 2013 by arthurkr222

Approximately 20 were arrested today in the Wisconsin State Capitol including a 14 year-old girl, 3 raging grannies, a sitting Madison Council person, and a woman celebrating her birthday.
Over 200 citations have been issued since July 24th In Walkers ongoing crackdown on dissent in Wisconsin.

12 thoughts on “Walker’s Capitol Police Arrest Teenager, Grannies, & Sitting Councilman for Being in Same Place

  1. Yea, tough guy “capital cops” go around and arrest senior citizens to try to mess with and threaten. …… YEA, GOV, WALKER , Wisconsin does welcome you you puke – at the end of a rope. The time for songs and chanting is done and over. Time ti fight fire with fire.

  2. They have every right to meddle in the affairs of THEIR gov; after all
    it’s THEIR government. If THEIR gov doesn’t shape up, ship them out. THEIRS represents ownership.

    1. That is right Leita. The Govt. is suppost to work for the people, not to dictate and control the people for the people to live in fear of the damned govt. There are a lot of people that are in living fear of our govt. and they are intimidated by the govt.s bullying technics

  3. HAHAHA,this will not stand,hahaha,HEY, I got news for you,cowards and freedom ,DON’T MIX,you either control your country OR you let terrorist control it,americans have chosen to let the terrorist have america,CAUSE their all good law abiding citizens,who wished their family well in the fema death camps,BUT because their blinded,their family won’t be well in the fema camps,THEY WILL BE KILLED…….and just like the kidnapped children of HHS,and CPS,who will be sold to the highest bidder,AMERICA IS FALLING and it can’t be stopped,ONLY SURVIVED,those who are NOT cowards,and are wide awake,will live to tell the unbelievable stories about americas demize,and how easily it was lost,to THE GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS (notice how the cowards went away with a big smile on their face),who were all cowards,if you won’t protect your children from evil,they dammed sure won’t protect their country from evil……………………..

  4. HERES HOW THE STORY ENDS,america will be taken over by their own government and foreign military,most of the people between the age of 13-and 40,will become slaves in china and other foreign nations,the surviving ones who resisted and hid themselves and fough the government terrorists,will battle it out with them and will be almost out of ammo,WHEN NIBIRU shows up to save the day,it wipes out the government and their foreign troops,and the few remaining enemy troops are easily over come by the patroits who NEVER gave up,and win the FINAL BATTLE for america,sadly the whole country is pretty well destroyed by that point in time,the good news is america goes back to a farming country and PEACE is finaly come to america again,NO foreign nations will have the will to be attacking anyone every again,AND the greatest news of all is, ALL THE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS ARE “DEAD” and with their daddy LUCIFER in hell,cause the cowards are taken in the war,..OH,tisk,tisk…….SO GET READY KIDS,YOU GOT A WAR TO WIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. LISTEN,I could carry on for hours about whats coming to america,,I been shown almost everything,BUT the most important thing is to remember,BE STRONG IN THE LORD,and will be ,WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU,cause you won’t make it,WITHOUT HIM HELPING YOU,HE has millions of WARRIOR ANGELS standing by, who are trained and ready to fight the EVIL coming on this nation,and the world,YOU have no idea what your government has been doing,they made deals with everyone,INCLUDING ALIENS from other worlds,they will all be coming after your children for food, like they were promised,BY YOUR GOVERNMENT,….YOU HAVE FREE WILL,this has been hidden from you,THE LORD will not help you, UNLESS you call his name for help,and then YOU WILL GET TO SEE THE POWER OF THE LORD,and the enemy is hopping you don’t believe it,and don’t call for help,but when you see what your really up against,you’ll realize it then,and trust me,YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE with out the lords help,remember what he said,NO FLESH WOULD SURVIVE,if the days were not cut short………Don’t be decieved,don’t be fooled,don’t let the devils running this country make you believe ,THE LORD isn’t ready to help you,HES standing by, watching the dog and pony show,HOPING YOU CALL HIS NAME,so he can tear into all these demons from hell and destroy them,he hates them too you know…………….

  6. ONE LAST THING,…WHO ARE THESE warrior angels???THEY ARE THE toughest warriors from history,who went to heaven and wanted to be in one last fight,THE BATTLE OF GOOD AND EVIL,and guess who wins,REMEMBER none of these guys are cowards,the LORDS ARMY is the best of the best warriors history had,trust me,YOU WANT THEM HELPING YOU,and their READY,their just waiting on YOU……………………..

    1. Agree Rhumms. We have been activists here in Wi. for many many years. We keep the faith here don`t we Rumms, I am proud to say 🙂

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