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‘Walking While Jew’: What They’re Not Telling You

Published on Feb 17, 2015

What’s the real agenda behind the rash of recent ‘walking while’ YouTube videos causing contrived offense and outrage?

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5 Responses to ‘Walking While Jew’: What They’re Not Telling You

  1. KOYOTE says:


  2. Katie says:

    How is it the British can drop expletives when speaking and not sound trashy? Amazing, it still sounds so proper. Just sayin.

  3. DL. says:

    Gee if I walk out here on these dirt roads, will I offend mountain lions? Or just burros…Deer, maybe.

  4. NC says:

    Do all Jews have to grow funny looking noses and wear the same nerdy looking glasses? Since they steal all of our money, you’d think they’d use it to get a face lift or plastic surgery or even contact lenses or something.

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