Wall Street Bulls Battle the Bears in Mother of All Recessions

The Great Recession

FedMed proved dead awhile ago with the whole Bulls team looking dead on the field, until Team Trump, the owner’s club, joined Coach Powell. Then Powell’s coaching team upped its game; and, finally, the Wall Street Bulls revived. “Big deal!” the Bears now yell. “Let’s get back to playing ball!”

All the government juices served in the Bullpen may have floated the dead Bulls into another rally. Yay Bulls! But they’re dead, even if they dance like phantoms.

(By the way, this article is long, but it’s not half as long as listening to an actual ball game, and it’s a whole lot more important, so hang in there; or take an intermission halfway through, because there is a lot from a short time span to cover in order to fully lay out how bad this looks for the Bulls at a time when people still think they’re making a comeback.)

The Bulls woke up during a frantic locker-room pep talk then went back out to the field and played their hardest. They now anticipate that the worst of their game is over and they are about to make a come-from-behind win. I forecast, however, they are about to get their heads stomped into the Bullpen dust … again.

In fact, that will happen again and again because we are only in the third inning after the Bulls scored almost a 50% comeback, and they look wrung out like it’s game over when we have yet to even see what real carnage the Bears can bring. The Bulls are about to find, as always the case with these World-Series-sized Wall-Street wipeouts, they’re just caught in a trap set by the Bears.

In all their irrational, greedy, drunken exuberance, the Bulls mistook this to be the the final inning for a return home to victory … because the Wall Street Bulls just can’t wait to get back into the money-making game that Coach Powell, who moved onto their team from the Federales ten years ago, pep-talked them into.

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