Walmart shoppers greeted by traffic tickets: Cops hiding in bushes ticket customers as they go in

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

Stricken with bronchitis last month, I went to Walmart to pick up some medicine and alas, the first thing I saw was a motorcycle cop pulling over an old man in the Walmart parking lot. I guess this is the reward for buying our cheap Chinese slave goods. The man had made a left turn into the Walmart parking lot and was immediately stopped by an officer who wrote him a ticket for an illegal left turn. (You’d think they would put turn lanes in front of a Walmart?) Afterwards I went out and took some photos of the officer hiding in the bushes lying in wait for his next ‘customer.’ Video and photos of the cop are below. This was the Walmart located at Foothill Blvd. and Benson Ave in Upland, CA.  

The motorist was traveling southbound on Benson from Foothill and made a left turn into the store parking lot. He told me later that he was ticketed for making an illegal turn. He was not happy at all about the ticket, and claimed to have a law degree, but said that “if he had more time,” he would fight the ticket. This subservient, lazy attitude is precisely why the revenue schemes continue. In reality the more people that plead not guilty the better, because it jams up the system. Police departments and courts have officially admitted, for example, that too many people pleading not guilty is why red-light cameras have been removed in many jurisdictions. This forces cities to use their scarce resources (How dare we force our public servants to comply with our due-process rights!) In some Los Angeles County Courts, for example, traffic defendants are being given year-long extensions on tickets due to cut-backs and furloughs. Imagine if everyone pled NOT GUILTY and got extensions! By the time a year has passed the prosecution witness (the cop) most likely will either not show up or not even remember who you are, rendering a dismissal of the charges.

In 2009 for example, Upland, the very city featured in this video, removed all their red-light cameras after a report from the Upland Police Chief and City Manager revealed that removing the cameras “will support the City’s goal to provide better Police field services and be fiscally responsible to the community.” The report stated, in part, that “The monthly revenue from the service has not covered the salary and benefits of those who review and issue potential violations… The system’s monthly revenue since November 2003 has not covered the officer’s salary and benefits…The salary also does not include weekly overtime from court appearances generated by the citations.” Upland was also forced to admit that “At times rear end collissions have actually increased” as a result of the red-light cameras.

In 2012, Upland settled a civil rights lawsuit filed by two open-carry advocates who were harassed and detained by Upland police. (be sure to watch the videos of this outrageous exchange.) During the illegal detainment, the gun-rights activist asks an Upland Police officer “Do you believe in the transparency of government?” to which officer Duran astonishingly replies “No, I don’t believe in transparency of government”.The two men were eventually paid off by the city in an out of court settlement.

Upland is a notorious for their dishonest, unethical revenue schemes. In my 2009 article Why Everyone Should Fight Their Traffic Tickets: Every Time, I explain:

“When people ask why I am so adamant about fighting traffic tickets, I recount the incident which occurred in June 2001 that spawned my insistence on “pleading not guilty every time, for all time”. I was driving home and came across some sort of checkpoint, reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia; suspicionless warrantless checkpoints where they demand your ‘papers please’. There was a long line of cars and the Police Dept. had an entire intersection shut down; they had temporarily changed the traffic signal to a flashing red signal, and put a uniformed traffic cop in the center of the intersection, waving motorists through to get to the checkpoint. I obeyed the cop’s orders to proceed to the checkpoint, and when I got there the cop manning the checkpoint sneered with a big grin on his face, “there’s someone behind you”. It was a motorcycle traffic cop, who proceeded to issue me a ticket for purportedly ‘running a red light’, (the same light that the first cop had demanded we all go through). This was such an outrageous affront and fraudulent operation that I jumped out of my car and started shouting at them.”

This occurred in the same city, Upland, CA. This is why I properly learned to fight traffic tickets. I have beaten at least 14 tickets since then and have helped countless others do so as well. [See, for example, 81 year old man beats red-light camera ticket, Pasadena newspaper credits with know-how 8/17/13.] Fox News recently reported Local courts reviving ‘debtors’ prison’ for overdue fines, fees. If people didn’t bend over, plead guilty, and just submissively hand over their hard-earned money in the first place, they wouldn’t have the ‘fines’ and ‘fees’ which land them in prison. Plead not guilty! In California you can evenhave the trial through the mail, you don’t have to go to court. Almost no one even knows that.

Here is the video of Upland cops giving tickets at Walmart:

Walmart shoppers greeted by traffic tickets: Cops hiding in bushes ticket customers as they go in

Cop hides camouflaged under the shade tree as witless Walmart shoppers unknowingly wait to get shafted. You can see that the officer is only feet away from the Walmart lot.

Cop watches me take his picture as he tries to stalk Walmart shoppers for tickets

4 thoughts on “Walmart shoppers greeted by traffic tickets: Cops hiding in bushes ticket customers as they go in

  1. Hell,ask for a trial for anything,most laws just corrupt tools to engage in armed tax collection,we can grind the system to a halt.As for a trial by mail,never,a few more bodies in the actual courts means someone else is getting a ticket out just to ease burdens.This is also a reason why we as citizens must make driving a right and not a “privilege”,sure,you break law right can be taken away say thru jail but then you have a lot more legal rights then when driving is just a “privilege”.

  2. Typical perverted stalker behavior. Them cops seem to know and behave just like a perverted stalker/rapist. Them cops never fail to amaze me Just look at them. 😯 😎

  3. “……….. the first thing I saw was a motorcycle cop pulling over an old man in the Walmart parking lot. I guess this is the reward for buying our cheap Chinese slave goods.”


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