War Impacts US Stores as Products Are Pulled from Shelves

Western Journal – by Jack Davis

Russian products are going, going, gone as stores and bars are being urged to rid themselves of anything to do with what to many Americans believe is the foul taste of the nation that invaded Ukraine.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas called for both substantive and symbolic actions against Russia.

“Joe Biden needs to reverse his energy policy and ban on drilling on federal lands and start certifying pipelines to get oil and gas flowing again in America. These are the steps we need to take that are full measures that recognize the full gravity of this moment, as opposed to the half measures that we’ve heard this week from President Biden and NATO,” Cotton said last week, according to Fox News.

“If you want to put real consequences on Vladimir Putin and think twice, we need to sanction his oil and gas exports,” Cotton said, a step that nations banning most of Russia’s transactions from an international banking system did not take.

Cotton also offered a symbolic way to take a stand.

“Dump all the Russian vodka and, alongside ammo and missiles, send the empty bottles to Ukraine to use for Molotov cocktails,” he tweeted.

Many other Republicans agreed.


Bars across the country have stopped serving Russian vodka, many switching to Ukrainian products instead.

“I hope that all Americans can agree that we support democracy and we support people have the right to determine how things are in their own country,” said Eric Gladstone,  spokesman for the Evel Pie tavern in Las Vegas, which dumped its Russian vodka over the weekend, according to KSNV-TV.

There was even some rare bipartisan support for bans on Russian products.

“Like many other North Carolinians, I have been completely appalled by the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine currently underway at the hands of the Russian military. I have been searching for ways that our state government may take a stand against this egregious Russian aggression,” North Carolina Democratic state Sen. Michael Garrett wrote his state’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board, according to WGHB-TV.

“One of the most prominent Russian-made exports that Americans encounter is vodka. As Commissioners of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, you have the power to stop sales and further wholesale purchase of Russian-made vodka indefinitely. I urge you to do this as soon as is practicable. Please take special care to ensure non-Russian vodka, especially those made in North Carolina and this country, are not banned,” he wrote.

“While this move may seem small and symbolic, I believe that stopping the sale of Russian-made vodka in North Carolina will show the world where the residents of our state stand when it comes to the outrageous and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.”

Western Journal

6 thoughts on “War Impacts US Stores as Products Are Pulled from Shelves

  1. Many Americans know what about the atrocities committed by Ukraine government in Donbas region, and all the nefarious activities of that tyrannical government. Putin finally said I’ve had enough of our border towns being shelled, and kiev creating democidal crisis on the other side of the border, open military threats for years from these crazy khzars running Ukraine. On top of that having your trade strangled by NATO members. Congratulations! We’re about to have our country shot out from under our ass. Russians are the river fairing Vikings. Americans do NOT know what they are dealing with. Better we remove that gang of criminals in DC, or start digging a fallout shelter quickly, and prepare for the end of civilization as we know it.

    1. There’s plenty of f-king Viking blood in the united states of America too, and Indian blood, and German barbarian blood.
      They want to destroy the f-king planet, f-k, we can destroy it too, can’t we?
      Just because all that is shown in the propaganda are the faggots, transvestites, and spineless cowards doesn’t mean shit. They are only 10-20% of the population. Any Russian comes f-king with me, I’ll rip his f-king head off and shit down his neck, I’ll make a Viking look like a goddamn boy scout.
      Take your defeatism somewhere else, asshole. And who the f-k are you to tell me who can whip my ass?

  2. What a bunch of fking bullsh!t
    But instead of corn, it’s speckled with morons!
    “Yeah, I’ll have freedom fries too”
    Fking idiots wouldn’t have a clue if it floated down from a cloud, slapped the crap out of them, wrote it backwards on their forehead so to see it in the mirror, and floated the fk away!

  3. Everybody who wants to fight for Ukraine.
    Save the rest of us the trouble.

  4. Funny, I read somewhere US sales of Russian vodka account for only 1.2% of the Russian vodka world market. This is going to do what?

    Another thing, with all this rooting for the Ukraine, is nobody noticing Soros and Schwab are shouting the loudest in support of Ukraine?

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