12 thoughts on “War in Ukraine “creates a moment,” an “urgent moment” to transition to “clean energy”

  1. And my fart “creates a moment”, an “urgent moment” for me to realize I possibly need to transition to “cleaner energy”

    WTF does clean energy have to do with a war in Ukraine? My goodness, they will find any excuse to install their ad nauseum propaganda.

    1. Seems to me that they generate dirty energy/bad vibes just from existing ( not unlike a fart).
      So, I think they should be respectful and considerate of the rest of us, lead by example, and drop themselves off at the nearest composting site.
      I’m certain they wouldn’t have trouble finding assistance if needed.

        1. LOL. And OMG, you sent me on a journey. I went huntin’ for a funny clip of Floyd the Barber on The Andy Griffith Show and then I came across this very disturbing song by Nirvana called “Floyd The Barber.” I took it as a most chilling account of child sexual abuse. I wonder if Cobain was abused. Probably certainly. It’s a bit offensive but raw in its telling of innocence interrupted:



          1. Just fooling.
            I don’t do heros.
            I don’t typically do well around sensitive artists as well. 🙂
            Still it’s unfortunate if he was abused as a boy.
            Faced that shit as a boy ln Minneapolis.
            They got nothing from me though.
            My younger brother was less fortunate.
            Payment is a bitch. 🙂
            I do bendy straws though

  2. Clean energy
    As they dirty the world with war
    That makes perfect sense
    Fckin idiots

    This war proves there’s no shortage of energy , it also proves that their push on us to go “ clean “ is a bunch of bullshit
    As their war actions poison the air and use millions of gallons of fuel, oil etc spewing it and it’s burnt hydrocarbons like there’s no tomorrow

    Just more lies from the traitors

    1. Can they really fuel these fckn vehicles!!??!! How much fuel is being used up?? In a stupid war I disbelieve that this is really happening. YOU CANNOT TRUST THE JW MEDIA!!!!! OR GOV.COM!!!!!!! TO TELL ANY TRUTH!!!! Where the F*ck are they gettin the money…? THE dollar can be used to wipe your ass!! Cheaper than toilet paper!!!!!!!

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