War on .ORG: Ethos Capital Says it Provides More Details but Keeps Crucial Information Secret

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ITNT – Apparently, it’s too late. The power over the .org domains (globally) will be transferred to Ethos Capital after all – for US$1.135 billion. At least, if that previous amount is still correct because that specific information is being kept secret by Ethos Capital.

In it’s response to ICANN’s request for more details about the acquisition of PIR, the Public Interest Registry, by Ethos Capital, Ethos Capital states the following (emphasis added). 

“In response to ICANN’s request for Public Interest Registry (“PIR”) and the Internet Society (“ISOC”) to publish information regarding the anticipated acquisition of PIR by Ethos Capital, LLC (“Ethos Capital”), PIR, ISOC and Ethos Capital are taking the unprecedented step of releasing detailed information related to the transaction in the spirit of transparency and to address questions posed by some in the community relating to this change. […] We are strong believers in the power of transparency and welcome this opportunity to provide additional information about this indirect change in control. […] only the following information is not included: the underlying equity purchase agreement, sensitive financial information, corporate organizational information, draft organizational documents, documentation provided to governmental entities and certain supporting contractual documents.”

In short, that what we all want to know and need to know will not be revealed, at least not now because revealing that information might give us, the concerned citizens and .org domain owners around the world, key ammunition to bring down the PIR deal.

So, to be clear. Anything about money (actual numbers) and anything about who will be heading the newly created “Purpose Domains Direct, LLC” and “Purpose Domains Holdings LLC”, that will actually manage and control all .org (and other) domain names through PIR, is secret.

Read the rest here: http://itnt.news/1046/


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