Warning: Genetically Modified “Agent Orange Corn” Coming Soon to a Plate Near You

monsantos_cornWake Up World – by Carolanne Wright

Remember Agent Orange, the herbicide sprayed in Vietnam linked with devastating birth defects, cancer and Parkinson’s disease?

Dow AgroSciences would like to feed this toxic chemical to the American population via a new breed of genetically modified corn. If the corporation has its way, “Agent Orange corn” will arrive on dinner plates across the U.S. as early as 2014.  

Poisonous history of Agent Orange

Da Thi Kieu experienced the deadly effects of Agent Orange first hand. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military sprayed her fields with the herbicide. Likewise, her husband was exposed when he fought in the army and died an early death due to cancers associated with the toxin. Of their eight children, seven were born with birth defects and only two survived.

Sadly, Kieu’s story is not an unfamiliar one. Countless others throughout Vietnam and America have suffered at the hands of Agent Orange. Parkinson’s, Hodgkin’s disease, Bcell leukemias and multiple myeloma are all linked with exposure to the herbicide. And the poisons don’t just magically disappear — decades later, traces are still found in the soil. Additionally, many view Agent Orange as chemical warfare. According to Global Research:

“In US Senate Congressional Records dated August 11, 1969, a table presented to senators showed that congress clearly classified 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T (main components of Agent Orange) in the Chemical and Biological Warfare category.”

If Agent Orange is so toxic, why does Dow AgroSciences want to introduce more of it into our food supply?

Follow the money

As with all genetically modified crops, the reason comes down to one point: corporate profit. It is not about feeding the hungry masses or improving the lives of millions. The main motivating force is always money, plain and simple. This is why whenever a new GM crop is on the ticket for approval, food activist groups like the Organic Consumers Association go on high alert. They realize mega corporations such as Monsanto and Dow are up to something — and it’s most likely harmful.

New “Frankencorn” crop

Enlist brand GM corn is Dow AgroSciences latest mutant baby. It’s a crop developed to withstand extreme amounts of 2,4-D — an ingredient found in Agent Orange that severely jeopardizes the health of the environment as well as that of humans and wildlife. Round Up Ready resistant ‘superweeds’ apparently need something stronger. Enter Agent Orange.

As accurately observed by conventional soybean and corn farmer George Naylor, “Farmers are on the front lines of this potential chemical disaster,” and adds, “I’m also very concerned about the further pollution of the air and water in my community.” Scientists and more than 140 advocacy groups have flooded U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s inbox with letters protesting Dow’s regulatory application for the Enlist crop. But further pressure is needed to stop the approval. To take action against this toxic new breed of corn, click here.

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3 thoughts on “Warning: Genetically Modified “Agent Orange Corn” Coming Soon to a Plate Near You

  1. Probably on the corn in Canada where 30 million bees died so quickly.
    The contaminant was blown into the air by machinery. Keeps getting
    worse and worse.

  2. Now the American farmer is slowly putting himself out of business because no one can trust farm products anymore, and there are millions of new veggie gardens across the country.

    Serves him right. If you’re willing to feed me poison, don’t expect me to shed any tears over your death either.

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