28 thoughts on “WARNING: NORTHCOMM “Mission Assumption” / FALSE FLAG ATTACK Roll Out ENGAGED

  1. Hey does anyone know what would happen if Louisiana’s sinkhole blows up? How far would the fallout be? Just Louisiana or further? I live in Austin, TX. Would it reach that far?

    1. Does`nt the wind blow everything west to east NC? You know you got places if you get worried, nervous or just have to up and leave ya know with your wife and dog and if nothing else here in Wi. NC.

  2. Hi NC,

    This sinkhole issue is not the kind of stuff false-flags are made of.

    First off,.. it is to well covered even by the Propaganda Ministry that this is a negligence/structural issue, which is that the salt dome where this hydro-carbon based fuel (the butane) is, is compromised.

    Secondly, even if your talking millions of cubic feet of Butane all going off at once, the blast dome is subterranean, which means the ground will absorb some of the shock wave energy,…but even if ALL the energy is released in an above ground blast (which will be at ground level only), it will amount to no more than a couple of really large conventional bombs (like three or four MOAB’s), or possible a small tactical nuke off no more than 2 or 3 of Kilotonne yield (For comparison,.. Hiroshima was approx 15 Kt and wiped out ~ 4 square miles,.. but it was a city center of 4 square miles that made it so horrifying).

    This Butane blast would translate into a killing radius of probably 1/4 to half mile, a casualty radius of 1/2 to 2 miles, and broken windows at no more than 3 – 4 miles at maximum potential.

    In other words,.. I would really hate to live around that immediate area if it lights off!,.. but it will not serve the needs of a true False-Flag,.. like a small nuke hitting major city,.. or a sudden Epridemic outbreak of some High-Mortality, High-Vector rate Bio-Agent.

    My immediate concern is the near future. Even without any insider information as the above video seems to present from the first speaker (talking about cops/ sheriffs and military he knows), we ALREADY know,.. the game is about up.

    Obama & Pyschos Inc. are not going to want to leave the White House,.. and if they have to kill several thousand Amercians in False Flag to stay there,.. well,.. the FBI is all to glad to carry it out for them.

    If its not that,.. we all know, the NWO,.. the International Banksters can collapse the entire world economy ANYTIME they want, within 24 hours by just crashing the derivatives market. That alone will turn the global financial system into a Black-Hole that will simply suck everything into it, and virtually all life out of the planet.

    If not that,.. then there is the, Hard-On-In-Their-Pants desire, to start WW3 with the Hammer & Anvil they have set up for this with Turkey/Syria as the proxy pawns.

    If not that, then you still have Whatayahoo about to lose his election in Israel,.. and he is certianly willing to sacrifice untold MILLIONS of people in his unparalled lust for power and chaos.

    We don’t need any insider info at this point,.. we know what is coming,.. we can’t stop it,.. all we can do is prepare as best as we each see fit to do.

    Until people are willing to organize and start acting collectively to stop the coming despotism and tyranny,.. it will keep coming another day closer.

    Perhaps when many locations are smoking ash and ruins,.. the simple majority of Americans will wake and then,.. and then do what we do best,.. raise to the challange, refuse to be subjugated any further,.. and take back what has been stolen from us.

    I think we are about to find out.

    Good Luck on your side of these coming events NC.

    JD – US Marines

    1. Thanks for the info, JD. However, I’m still a bit skeptical on your analysis. I have half a brain telling me something’s gonna happen from Chicago all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico and those covert booms that they have been trying to shovel off as drills or exercises seems like bullshit cover-up to me. I hope I’m wrong because the other half of my brain is telling me that I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. lol

      1. Hi NC,

        You might be totally correct,.. after all,.. my crystal ball only works about as well as everybody elses.

        What I was getting at is, if this salt-dome thing lights up,.. it will produce a local event only,.. there is no fallout of anykind from it. The minor amount of dust/dirt/particles thrown into the air won’t really amount to anything, except for the local area.

        What you described,… booms from Chicago to Louisiana is something altogether different.

        I’m not saying they don’t have anything rigged to coincide with an event like this salt dome thing, but the saltdome event in and of itself is not a major issue,.. except of course if you happen to live near it.

        What your talking about is our treasonous gov’t “making use” of an event to stage a coincidental or large scale event to justify Martial Law, Blame Iran,.. Blame Global Warming,… Raise Taxes, Censor the internet, arrest Santa Clause… all the above,.. something all together different,…whatever the case may be,.. and you may be absolutely correct about something catastrophic “suddenly” stretching from Louisiana to Chacago!

        At our information level,.. there is no way to know for certain. All we can do,.. is watch for the indicators, keep fine tuning our preps, and try to warn each other when anything is known for sure.

        As for the glue,… yeah,.. I think this was a bad week for me to stop sniffing glue, …and poping pills too!


        1. I don’t believe there will need to be a logical connection with the cause and the final result of any false flag. Much the same as the lets roll story or the fact that building 7 just decided it was not going to be able to live any longer and decided to fall down for no good reason at all other than suicide to avoid being left alone.

          I would not be surprised if the scenario went down as, one salt dome blew and took out several other storage salt domes, (that may or may not contain butane, oil or other volatile fluids or gas) causing a major quake all along the New Madrid fault line.

          Is it possible the underground noises are subterranean activities to facilitate strategic nuke placement along the fault line. I admit that I would need to put on my foil hat to even begin to believe this scenario… But after the 911 conspiracy the government tried to sell us as the truth, I can’t discount any false flag possibilities from being attempted by this criminal government.

          What are these domes used for and just who owns some of them?

          1. Scientists said the entire Gulf of Mex sea floor could implode in a sort of plunger / vacuum motion and explode in a mega bomb scenario with subsequent tsunami on gulf coast. This Bayou event is at the base of the Madrid and could serve as an ignition source to set off a domino chain reaction. Madrid veers off all the way upwards to Quebec and St Lawrence Seaway. Just worst case.
            One thing no one is looking at: the long swarm of quakes in the Caribbean, esp near the Virgin Islands – PR trench zone. That directly impacts the Gulf floor and shifts it. Recall the Tampa airport runways being renumbered ala’ ‘polar shift’? Why werent runways globally renumbered? G of Mex seabed is a LOCALIZED event, as the gulf floor sinks.

            The tape lost me when it went off about how the Muslim Bros is the cause of the fall of USA.
            Didnt know the Muslim Bro controlled Fed Reserve. Or controlled Hollywood, think tanks, media news or was sole owner of the nation’s pornography studios. Last I heard, it was jews that monopolized those sectors.

          2. Yea, I admit. That whole Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the government thing just kinda lost me there, too. But the rest of it mostly seemed to fit together. So I don’t know.

    2. “Secondly, even if your talking millions of cubic feet of Butane all going off at once, the blast dome is subterranean, which means the ground will absorb some of the shock wave energy,”

      How and where does it get the Oxigen to go off at once?

      All fuels, whether natural gas, propane, butane, gasoline, or oil require a certain amount of oxygen (O2) to burn. The oxygen can be supplied in its pure form, to develop an extremely hot flame at a high cost, or can be mixed with non-combustible gas (such as nitrogen, or N2) at virtually no cost but at a lower heating potential. Since the air we breathe is composed of approximately 20% oxygen and 78% nitrogen.

      Unless we need to deal with a laboratory
      situation, a simple ratio of 10 cubic feet of air to 1000 BTUs of gas

      1 lb. of Butane = 21,300 BTU’s

      Not to mention, in order to be able to burn, it needs to boil into a gas, this needs heat/energy, that has to come from somewhere before it can even burn.

      Now, I can see the scenario, of a full sideway collapse of the cavern by an earthquake, pushing it all out like a (Gigantic.) zit (It is a liquid.). Causing a total freeze of the local environment by extracting the heat of it, to boil the Butane off en masse, and mixing the gas with the air.

      Then one spark. And you will have one big nice BBQ.

      1. To add one more Idea to the last scenario:
        Liquid Temp kg/cu.m
        Butane 25 C 599.09
        Water, pure 4 C 1000.00
        Water, sea 77 F 1021.98

        It floats on water.

        Boiling point Butane : 30-34 °F SO the water would add energy to boil it off. If the temp of the water would go lower then 32, it would even release the latent heat in the water (A bonus 144BTU per pound of it.) from the change to ice.

  3. I may not know any of you guys but I know you are probably peepers like myself wish y’all lived in the same area as me. The more like minded peope get together the better especially when the SHTF.

    Coffee out.

    1. I’m having great difficulty making connections, been trying with disinterested friends and online for years. I’m in MA.
      magicspinningwheel at the yoohoo place

        1. Well, if you agree the Muslim Brotherhood invasion is bullpuckie, and it’s that “Other Brother” group that’s causing the problems, and you have a mind to decipher my tagline and send a message, it would be great to communicate with someone local who is like-minded. All previous communications I’ve exchanged from various online locations have ended up evaporating when it looks like there might be an in-person meeting, reeking of being hoodwinked by a bot-in-training, they really don’t want networking, but I’m not known for giving up easily.
          magicspinningwheel at the yoohoo place

          1. s2s, stick to this site. We are all one big group of friends on here who know what’s going on outside the Matrix world. Don’t be afraid to share your views as we all generally read everyone’s comments and try to reply as much as we can to anyone’s questions or considerations in order to keep the ideas and discussions going and to keep everyone informed. Keep posting, dude.

  4. You folks need to watch these vids before posting them. While some of this info may be viable, about halfway in the anti-muslim propaganda kicks in. The claim is made that the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated our government. These days most of us know who infiltrated the government, and it sure as hell wasn’t muslims.

    1. Bingo. Thank you. The Steve Quayles, Greg Evensons, Jonestown , John Moore crowd are hooked up to the zionists (Moore refers to his ‘orthodox rabbi friend) and therein is your problem. That makes them as controlled as the govt.

  5. As JD stateted” we dont need inside info…we know its coming”

    Thats 100% correct. Those who actively PREP know and understand we cant prep for nor fore-see all disaster contingencies that we may or could face.
    I have witnessed a “late-game” insanity by prepers who change their course and plan of action every week or two it seems. Every time mention of a new “Doom” scenario comes out, people irrationally scrap their plans and try to buy /build/acquire the latest gizmo for the newest coming disaster…..
    Stay the course folks…we cant plan for everything. Keep your heads screwed on tite and stay with a good food/meds/Arms/shelter plan. Much of this confusion is purposely being generated by TPTB to throw us off and keep us running’round like mindless zombies.

    Now im not coming down on this video or any others….just saying we must keep our shit together or we will lose it all.
    Tell you boys what im seeing as a new danger now thats creeping in from all this stuff…
    That would be late game new preppers who run in all directions with no plan….and also maybe even more dangerous, would be all the folks I/we have talked with and warned over time about coming events. They indeed listened but choose not to “stock-up” for their survival…..just poo-poo’ng it off as us being alarmists. These folks will began to see these events and all its dangers and will remember and know that YOU HAVE FOOD and a PLAN….and they will come to your door.
    We may well have to kill friends and relations when the balloon goes up. They are dangerous and are potential enemies…….example; I have a neighbor..ex nam-vet. whom Ive spoken with many many hours trying to get him to see……now that he see’s “something” he’s buying large amounts of firearms and ammo……..but no food or basic provisions…….this is a threat!!! that he doesnt yet see but one that I must plan for.

    Remember lets keep control of our minds and keep on doing what we know..
    With that said,..I must admit im preaching to the Choir here with you good folks…….

    Oldvet out!

  6. Oldvet
    I couldn’t agree more.I have only been planning for maybe three years but i have two plans;one,drive out,where i can have more supplys and two;walk out.I have gone more with the walk out because it if not in the beginning later it will be the case for the majority.You can only carry so much and as you get older that becomes less.It’s nice to have stockpiles but if you can’t carry it you just prepped for someone else if you have to leave it.I have nothing that runs on batterys(all hand crank)because batterys can add to much weight and at 61 every pound counts.Only freeze dried food,it’s light and can be eaten without water (yuk).i won’t go into weapons because thats something everybody needs to decide on themselves.

  7. Keep this in mind…You can fish for water. If you live near the west coast or where theres fog or lots of dew, build a large lite vertical frame, place small 6d nails about 1/8th apart across the top and bottom of frame, angle the bottom nails down, run fishing line up and down between the nails tight, place a peice of raingutter under frame and angle one end down and place bucket under that end. Water will condense on fishing line run down and drip from the bottom angled nail into the gutter then bucket….Old west coast indian trick…enjoy it…
    Also. always be ready for rain…dig a hole line with plastic, two layers use dirt from hole to hold plastic in place around edge and leave a very large peice for a rain catch flap…if it rains fold out flap that will run rain water into hole,The flap has to be higher then hole so dig on hill, run flap uphill, after rain use flap to cover the hole to avoid evaporation and junk in water…black plastic sheet works best, use one large peice and fold back and forth to line hole and leave flap….100gal = 2′ x 7 ‘x 1’ deep hole. Thats not a big hole!! For every 1ft deeper add 100gal….


    In a pinch wipe dew from leaves, ect with sponge.

    FILTER ALL WATER for drinking and cooking!!!!!!!
    have some bleach on hand, add 5 drops per gal
    and get a pump up garden sprayer, black or paint black for solar heating…have a shower if you have the extra water and spray clean instead of TP…
    Just remember….DONT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!!!!…LOL

    1. Some good tips ARF. I have heard of the first one years ago, and it does work. Also a old Korean war vet from the 50`s war once told me that to prevent your mouth from drying out is to get a pebble and just suck on it – it will help produce saliva – this trick works also, I used that one before when I was fenceing in the middle of nowhere and ran out of water.

  8. Hey guys, don’t forget. Friday is officially Columbus Day, (not the observed day) October 12, 2012. It marks exactly 520 years (October 12, 1492) this country has been going, if you follow that perspective. It sure would be a nice day for the elite to use a false flag to split it. Just thinking out loud.

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