Warrentless Vaginal Searches Conducted by Texas Police

Ben Swann Full Disclosure – by Kristin Tate

Police in Texas have been caught conducting completely warrantless vaginal searches of women on the side of freeways.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A new set of videos show Texas state troopers probing women’s vaginas and anal areas while searching for drugs.  

After watching the videos, which were taken by police car dashboard cams, it is painfully obvious that police were confident that the women did not have marijuana — but they went ahead with the cavity searches anyways.

The women in the first video was pulled over for speeding. Pretty standard traffic stop, right?

Not in this case.

The male cop became convinced that the women in the car were hiding drugs in their private areas. He called a female officer over to help him and told the women, “I ain’t about to get up close and personal with your woman areas.” The footage shows the shocked woman driver’s facial expression as she is intimately searched.

The two women involved in the incident, Alexandra Randle and Brandy Hamilton, have filed a suit.

Another video shows a woman being pulled over for throwing litter out her window. She is asked if she has marijuana in the car, to which she responds negatively. Still, the cop is convinced the woman is lying. Like the first officer, he calls a female cop to the scene. The female officer puts a latex glove on, and then puts her hand down the woman’s pants. She told the driver if she had “hid something in there, we are going to find it.”

The footage is shocking.

Police have been granted a large amount of discretion and latitude from the Supreme Court, when it comes to roadside searches. That is, if they have a reasonable cause to think there are illegal drugs in the vehicle.

In both of these Texas cases, there seems to be no reasonable cause whatsoever.

In 2009 the Supreme Court ruled that citizens have a Constitutional expectation of privacy. In the Safford Unified School District v. April Redding case, the majority ruled, “Subjective and reasonable societal expectations of personal privacy support the treatment of such a search as categorically distinct, requiring distinct elements of justification on the part of school authorities for going beyond a search of outer clothing and belongings.”

It is unfortunate that we now live in a society where our Constitutional rights are violated on a regular basis.

What are your thoughts on these warrantless cavity searches? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Kristin Tate is a multi-media journalist. She previously worked under John Stossel at Fox Business, and with guerilla journalist James O’Keefe. Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder in Boston. She has been heavily involved in the libertarian movement, campaigning for notable candidates like Ron Paul and Thomas Massie. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through journalism and new media.


63 thoughts on “Warrentless Vaginal Searches Conducted by Texas Police

  1. Yea, this just goes to how just how disgusting that the cops are. Just how much pot or even other drugs do the dirty pigs actually think some one is going to shove up their orafices, and not only that but doing that before they actually get in their car and drive off. Come on now, them cops are just a buch of dirty minded cops that I would say must be doing things like sticking contraband up their own perverted orafices when they think other people are going to do that. I mean maybe a 1/4 oz. of pot up the but? or maybe a 1/4 – 1/2 oz of coke. If they are so bent out of shape over small amouts like that then maybe they aught to start checking their own co-workers and may those in govt. every single day judgeing by the behavior that they are exhibiting to the rest of us. I must say that to think the way like they think you have got to be that way, right.

    1. Yeah digger, these sexual voyeur cops are as sick as you can get. Who knows, maybe the female cop is a lesbo getting her jollies off with the fingering. The male cop probably enjoyed it just as well and immediately went home to choke the chicken. Sick perverts.

  2. It’s a known fact that all levels of Govt get away with murder & whatever else…..The real problem in TEXAS is the armadillos are dying off from the chemicals that the CIA & Evergreen Air are spraying into the atmosphere to poison all living, growing & breathing things—-War with Weather Control… So, the fewer armadillos, the less road kill & fewer things for the Texas State Patrol has to pick up off the highway! Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Truth & Justice

  3. Both Troopers were terminated, but know one of them was just reinstated. I am searching for the one that was reinstated.

    What BS….

  4. Both troopers were terminated. But after a Grand jury failed to charge the female Trooper… She was reinstated by the state. Due to her lack of time and training. BUT the senior Trooper was not rehired.

  5. I just know that if this happened to my wife here in rural S.C.,….they’d be one hell of a fight….and I know that if they got their sample/exam…….it be ’cause they tazered or shot dead my squaw……..nuff fu88in said..,………….American….grow some!!

    1. You got no business here Tennessee Citizen. “as long as their not coming for your guns, all else goes, right?” You sound like a little fag/queer boy complaining about a god given right, of which you are incapable of understanding. Go to S*#teaters.com, they got a heaping spoonful waiting for you.

    2. Haven`t sen you here before. Did you just change your name or something. Because of that I must say that you must be trying to be funny by sayin` that ” all else goes”, cause I don`t think so. Just being nice about it tennessee citizen. nice name citizen lol now I am being funny citizen ! I am a national native and proud of it.

    3. Freakin’ MORON!

      As if the nationals in Texas are resposible for or have ANY control over what the POS sub-human trash that passes for cops these days do.

      You best take your stupid troll @ss to another site, talking that kind of trash, puto. (that’s faggot in Spanish, in case you were wondering, dipsh#t)

      1. I agree with ya #1 and with Millard. I have been trying to be nice lately but this guy is realy testing my temper with comments like that.

          1. Coming from you, yes it was #1, coming from me I think I have to watch my mouth here as I did go overboard with some good people here. You do have a very good way of sayin` things #1 🙂 . This guy can go, and do what most of us do not do, and that means he can go F himself if he was serious, but I do think that you are right as I do think he is trollin` too. Around here in my part of the country we call it “trollin for queers” as most trolls are in our book just a bunch of queer faggots.

      2. Hey #1, glad to have you join in on the conversation. It’s the F’n brainwashed minions who help perpetuate the stupidity of the American mindset with outrageous views such as that of Mr. Tennessee Citizen. I hope he/she crawls back into the hole he/she emerged from. Head up arse.

          1. How you boys managed to walk around the tree and knock head-on plumb in to one another is mind boggling.

            If that’s all you can really make out of my post, it’s no wonder we’re in the shape we’re in these days.

            I read somewhere recently that if you can’t tell friend from foe, you got no business carrying a gun. Might want to think that one over before you have your next embarrassing emotional outburst.

          2. “Hey, as long as they’re not coming for your guns all else goes, right?”

            I see absolutely NO ambiguity in that sentence, bozo. Just go right ahead and try to convince me there’s even a shred of sarcasm or facetiousness in that statement. I’m well versed in both, so don’t get stupid on me.

            My considered opinion?


          3. Well Tennessee Citizen, did you have to wait for someone way smarter than you to formulate your lame excuse for an argument before you responded? People like you should be rounded up and judged by a jury as to whether you deserve to waste the air we breath. %uck you and everyone behind you!

          4. #1 @ 10:03. When this POS citizen say`s “if you can`t tell freind from foe, you have no business carying a gun. Might want to think that one over before you have your next emotional outburst” that is right citizen, think about you f`r. well citizen can just go %@!* %&( @$%^$% good and hard talkin` that sh*t. TROLL is right #1 and I hope he gets the hint that pos.

          5. Hey Tennessee Troll, you exposed your stance on our 2nd amendment rights with your wording. “Hey, as long as they’re not coming for your guns” rather than “our” guns, you pretty much burned your bridge here bitch. Think up another Tennessee Tuxedo name and see how long it takes us to weed the vermin out, bitch.

        1. So hey ther Mr. Tenn. Citizen @ 9:28. So where did you come from then. Haven`t sen you here before. Like I said are you just being funny with your comment that started this all, because we don`t know you and we don`t take it litely when you say ” as long as they are not coming for your guns all else goes, right ? ” well they do not have a F`n fight to come for anything acting like they do so screw them and anyone that thinks like them bastards. PERIOD P.S Tenn. Citizen only a fool would trust somebody without knowing them. Think about it. ” as long as they are coming for your guns all else goes, right” wtf does that mean. Yea, think about it citizen. That is not funny what you said one bit.

          1. No humor was intended on my part. I’ll word my posts less sarcastically from now on. It’s pretty clear to me that we are of the same mindset.

            My (obviously poorly worded) point was that Americans allow egregious violations of every other Amendment except the 2nd. It’s gotten so bad that I think people would sit idly by while the tyrants break into our homes and rape our daughters and wives, all the while saying “well, at least I’ve got my guns!” Now, as preposterous as that is, we both know it’s not too far from the truth. I wonder if “they” are pushing as hard as they can, just to see what “the people” will do. Looks like they can push pretty d**n far, don’t it?

            At any rate, it appears as though we’re vastly outnumbered – case in point being who in their right mind would re-hire that Trooper?

          2. We have a number of friends in Texas who post here. Had any of them seen your comment before we did, you’d have gotten as bad or worse.

            If that really was sarcasm (and I’m not convinced it was), it was WAY too subtle to be acceptable.

          3. Hey Tennessee tuxedo, I’m not buying it. How you can prove to me otherwise, even taking your latest comment under consideration, would require a response that you are incapable of. If you have the gumption to return tomorrow, I enjoyed your company and invite for you more stimulating banter, if you dare.

          4. If that’s true, then you may want to consider apolgizing to them for the VERY unfortunate choice of words on your part, as I can pretty much guarantee that at least some of them will see this article in the next 24 hrs. or so.

          5. Oh, I get it now – lol! Millard you old fox. Just send your questions to my attorney 😉

          6. # 1 NWO: My comments stand. I don’t edit my posts like your ‘friends’ are want to do.

            But I digress. If the truth applies a sting – so be it. I make no apology to the dullards who can’t see the forest for the trees.

          7. All you guys, listen up.
            What Tennessee said is nothing that I haven’t said myself. In fact I have ranted of such.
            Are we going to allow our families to be beaten and raped as long as they do not try to take our guns away?
            Our 2nd Article right is to be invoked to protect all of our rights and all of our people. It is a challenge in figuring out how to assert ourselves, while maintaining the moral high ground, but it is a challenge we must meet. The idea of the largest army (the armed population of the US) also being the most terrorized population on the planet, has to indicate either a lack of brains or balls. Which ever the case, the reality must be confronted and dealt with. And this problem is in no way unique to Texas.
            I do find it intellectually troubling when Americans seem to be in such a hurry to go at one another’s throat over some misplaced pride in reference to location. We are all being trashed and spit upon and we have nothing to puff our chests out about until we confront the communist bully. Like everything else, slaves have no right to pride and until we stand up like Americans and remove this enemy, we are slaves and have no rights. An armed slave who will not use those arms to free him or herself must represent the sorriest excuse for a human being. Spartacus!

          8. Henry, had someone such as myself, or NC, Angel or any of trhe other regulars posted that comment, everyone here would have automatically have known it was sarcasm, because our personalities are all well known. Often, NC will even put sarcasm in quotation marks, just so there’s no gray area, or room for misinterpretation (or just to be even more sarcastic, I’m not sure which).

            But when someone I’ve never seen before posts something of this nature, and fails to make the intent perfectly clear, I’m sorry, but I’ve got to call them on it. And if you’ll notice, I did lighten up on him after he replied to digger with an explanation. 🙂

          9. Sorry Henry, I guess we can agree to disagree. I think another careful look at the comment thread might allow you to see my point. He busts on the scene with an outrageous, sarcastic comment, referring to taking “your” guns away rather than “our” guns away. Slip of the tongue, maybe, I don’t think so.
            His intent was crystal clear. Spoken like a true gun-grabber.

          10. You might be right, Millard. I never thought about the “our” as opposed to “your”. One thing for sure, if he is a troll, we won’t last long here as we already have our eyes on him.

          11. Excellent point, Millard. Although I didn’t focus on that particular word, it’s quite likely that subconciously, that was what set me off initially.

            (sorry Henry, didn’t mean to jump in front of you) LOL

          12. Okay guys, let’s all take a slow breath and then a step back. This is just a simple misunderstanding, of which I am mostly responsible for my poorly worded initial comment.

            I’m not after anyone’s guns, nor do I in any way support the encroaching tyranny that is no doubt eager to knock on our very doors.

            Mr. Shivley, your initial post in this line of discussion was my EXACT intent. You worded the same point much better than I did. We are VERY MUCH on the same page.

            Now, having read comments here for quite some time, I assumed (bad word I know; but hey I’m only human) that my comment would be read as sarcasm. In my frustration and anger at the story, I made a social faux pas and jumped right in to the deep end of the pool, never for one second thinking that you guys would take what I said in a literal sense – not realizing that none of you are familiar with me as a poster/commenter on this site. Again, my bad.

            Standing in your shoes, I might have taken umbrage as well. So fair enough. This story about the genital probing Trooper is an emotionally incendiary one and we’re all frustrated and angry about it.

            My only apology is that we all got off on the wrong foot.

          13. Millard from diggerdan’s, apology accepted. We can move forward and I hope you come with us Tennesse Citizen.

          14. Thanks guys! I’ll most definitely chime in here with you guys from now on. It may be sporadic as I don’t get much time depending on work, etc.

            I want to add that in keeping with historical tradition and truthfulness of my heart, if Texas ever finds herself in trouble she has the helping hands of this Tennessean.

          15. Tennessee Citizen,
            Your explanation clarifies the situation, thus no apology is necessary.

          16. Tennessee “Citizen”, you do realize that in identifying yourself as a citizen you accept that you are a subject to the government under the fraudulent 14th Amendment. We identify ourselves as American nationals and the difference is the difference between freemen and slaves. Food for thought.

          17. Mr. Shivley, you are absolutely right.

            From now on I’ll post as SCV Tennessean (Sons of Confederate Veterans), as I am a proud and documented direct descendant of two Confederate veterans that I am aware of.

            SCV-TN (formerly known as Tennessee Citizen).


          18. Kudos, SCV Tennessean (formerly Tennessee Citizen) (the name change was well advised, btw)

            You took a lickin’, and kept on tickin’. Many have fled from less abuse.
            It’s now apparent the literal interpretation was not your intent. Had it been, you most likely would not have taken the time to enlighten us. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  6. How in the freaking hell has it come down to this? Man, I gotta say if that would have been one of my children, I would have broke a cops jaw and just dealt with the consequences. How could a father refrain himself from that kind of molestation going down on his family. FU cops! Not me, I couldn’t handle seeing that happen to any of my family.
    I won’t fly anywhere because I refuse to let the tyranny of tsa moleste my girls. It’s not right. Something needs to be done!
    What’s even more sickening is that’s what this F-ing administration wants,and the pansies assist him with reaching his goals.

    1. I guess, James, that it goes like the old song from the 60`s called ” When One Of Us Are Chained None Of Us Are Free” and that applies with this too I hate to say it. That is a good song by the way. Check it out.

  7. This can’t go on. I refuse to accept this sh!t as modern day times. It needs to be dealt with in a bad way. Starting with the cops, then with the county, then with the state for letting it come to this. They are ALL at fault for allowing this to be acceptable. Where is the line drawn?
    My rubberband is getting tighter and tighter. It’s hard to cope seeing this. All I’m seeing is red.

    Ill check into the song.

      1. Those are my feelings exactly. You’d enjoy the pic in the paper if it were me though. The cop on the far end of my work boot shoved deep into his cornhole.

        The header would read: Probe gone wrong!

    1. What do you mean “in a bad way ” James. If it is dealt with in any way to benefit we the people it will be dealt with in a good way. Good for Us people, bad for the elite and leo`s.. P.S. I sent a articl/live video of that song. I hope that maybe it will be posted as I do think that it applies today.

      1. I agree. Bad for them is a definite good for us. Tonight I’m feeling like Samuel Jackson in pulp fiction. The part part where he gets medevil on Jed (the fag sheriff). Yep. That would be good for team freedom.

        1. Zed was a pansy-ass security guard. Marsellus Wallace was played by Ving Rhames. I know I’m being a stickler and everyone knows who you’re referring, but the devil’s in the details.

  8. I’m just imagining Obama’s response. “We need to probe deeper into the crack of this issue, lay it open for all to see, and remain ever vigilant that not one anus or vagina be left unturned.”

    1. Aw man Millard that is too much. Just to even visualize that is just NASTY man, just plain nasty gross nasty, but then again, but then again, that would be just like what obama would say or fantasize about.

  9. So this was about cops acting bad.

    The thread went on about Tennessee jed being a troll. If tenn was a troll, they succeeded IMO. Henry nailed it for me. He has a nack for hitting nails on the head.

    #1 and digger I would be honored to be fox hole mates with y’all. Heads on swivels and shoot first.

    I was camping(business co-owner and his kids) this weekend so im just getting caught up on trench news. Was hoping obamamama/tptb was dead and isreal commited suicide. just my luck.

    As for this vid…
    everyone lives somewhere and google has a pic. Cops need to be put in check. nothing new just wrong.

    1. “I was camping(business co-owner and his kids) this weekend so im just getting caught up on trench news. Was hoping obamamama/tptb was dead and isreal commited suicide. just my luck.”

      Same here. Even though I was not camping, I was away on a weekend trip and didn’t have much time to read up on the news either and I am just catching up on it now like yourself. Sorry I missed out on the Tennessee conflict, but glad that it was resolved peacefully.

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